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Looks like we made it!

thankyouwebRaven Radio hit its $80,000 Spring Membership Goal a little after 3 PM Friday, April 3rd, with a push from none other than Gov. Bill Walker, who phoned in a $100 pledge. Although we arrived at our monetary goal ahead of schedule, we're still taking pledges if we missed you. This bird can't fly without you! and THANK YOU to everyone who made this one of the best Raven Radio fund drives ever!

Emily Kwong Raves!

Three Legged Pledge!

Mark your calendars! You are invited to stop by Raven Radio for a FREE root beer float after this year's 4th of July parade! In the meantime, help us reach our spring drive goal, and help identify the musicians in this 1984 photo of Three Legged Dog playing on the 4th in 1984. Bonus points for the origin of the band name~

Raven Rave: Celia Lubin

14_CeliaLubinCelia Lubin keeps Raven Radio going loud and clear, and so can you. Become a member or renew your membership here!

Keep Raven Flying

Bird of the dayNorth America's largest songbird and one of the most magnificent creatures on Earth.  You know exactly what bird we're talking about: Intelligent, provocative, creative, and an enduring part of our community.  Keep Raven flying at

MEHS Radio Club Raves!

Anne Brice is Raving about Raven!

150310_annebrice"That's what Raven Radio is all about: Completely accepting people for who they are." Raven Radio supports the entire community, and now we need you to support Raven Radio. Join Anne Brice, and become a member today!

Blatchley Middle School Raves!

11-IMG_6967Students from Blatchley Middle School didn't hold back when asked, "What do you think about Raven Radio?" Keep the next generation informed about their community and rocking out to great tunes. Pledge your support today.

The time has come!

red_cover2The time has come! We need your support today to fund your favorite public radio station. If you're reading this, it means that Raven Radio is important to you. Don't wait! Show your support today!


wow-620x400Wow! Look in the radio mirror! You are part of an incredibly strong community that supports Raven radio! More than 400 of you have renewed your membership this fall…100 of you did it automatically as sustaining members. Your average pledge is $130 and we're pleased to welcome you as one of our 51 brand new members. Thanks to you all our Fall Drive has raised more than ever before and is a great start to our fundraising year. Thanks to you, Raven Radio rocks!