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THANK YOU! And it’s not too late!


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make Raven Radio’s Spring Drive such a success! We’ve made our goal of $82,000 for the Spring, but we are about 50 pledges short of last year’s drive. It’s so crucial … more

VIDEO: Raven News Speaks For Itself

“le Raven Noir” mugs are here!

Le Raven Noir Cran.DijonThe new "le Raven Noir" 2016 mugs have arrived! If you have already pledged you can pick yours up at the station during business hours; if not, pledge now at the $100 level or higher at Thank you!!

How a Vinyl Record is Made: Keep our records spinning!

Raven Radio is home to over 40,000 vinyl records, and believe it or not, they still get played on the air! But have you ever seen how a record is made? Its fascinating! Take a look at this video, and then make a contribution to Raven Radio's Pledge Drive to keep our records spinning!

Emmett “Raves” about Raven!

Living on the Air

We’re living on the air in Sitka, Alaska, and we need to hear from you. Support KCAW now!… more

I only have mugs for you!

MUG SHOT: General Manager Ken Fate can't decide which mug is his favorite...he likes lots of them! If you like lots about Raven Radio please become a member, or renew your membership now at Thanks!



MUG SHOT: Development Director Amy Kramer Johnson eyes Raven Radio’s display of mugs. Get the latest, greatest Raven mug to add to your collection by pledging now:

Looks like we made it!

thankyouwebRaven Radio hit its $80,000 Spring Membership Goal a little after 3 PM Friday, April 3rd, with a push from none other than Gov. Bill Walker, who phoned in a $100 pledge. Although we arrived at our monetary goal ahead of schedule, we're still taking pledges if we missed you. This bird can't fly without you! and THANK YOU to everyone who made this one of the best Raven Radio fund drives ever!

Emily Kwong Raves!