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For the love of Raven Radio. And cupcakes.

161007_ravencupcake2_kwongDark Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Cupcakes. That's what's literally on the table at Raven Radio, along with a $75,000 Fall Pledge Drive Goal. You can help us take a bite out of both by pledging your support TODAY. Give at

Thank you to the Rasmuson Foundation!!!

The Rasmuson Foundation gave a huge boost to our Fall Drive this morning! (Thursday 10/6) Senior Vice President, Sammye Pokryfki offered a $1,000 contribution from the Rasmuson Foundation if 12 non-profits also contributed within the hour. The challenge was met … more

Raven Radio is a whale of a station!

If you love herring(!) community radio every day, please click here to support local voices and local stories from your community station! Thanks to Richard Nelson of for the photo!

An Octopus was running down the street…

This giant octopus ran the entire course during Raven Radio’s Only Fools Run at Midnight fun run last June. If a colossal cephalopod can canter 5k, YOU can click here right now to support your community radio station. Thank you!… more

Don’t let the sun set on Raven Radio!

Sunday evening brought about a beautiful fall sunset over Mt. Edgecumbe, but don’t let the sun set on Raven Radio! Contribute online now to keep our light shining!… more

THANK YOU! And it’s not too late!


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make Raven Radio’s Spring Drive such a success! We’ve made our goal of $82,000 for the Spring, but we are about 50 pledges short of last year’s drive. It’s so crucial … more

VIDEO: Raven News Speaks For Itself

“le Raven Noir” mugs are here!

Le Raven Noir Cran.DijonThe new "le Raven Noir" 2016 mugs have arrived! If you have already pledged you can pick yours up at the station during business hours; if not, pledge now at the $100 level or higher at Thank you!!

How a Vinyl Record is Made: Keep our records spinning!

Raven Radio is home to over 40,000 vinyl records, and believe it or not, they still get played on the air! But have you ever seen how a record is made? Its fascinating! Take a look at this video, and then make a contribution to Raven Radio's Pledge Drive to keep our records spinning!

Emmett “Raves” about Raven!