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Raven Rave: Variety!

photo 1 (2)There's something for everyone, but we need everyone to help pitch in and keep Raven Radio going. Please show your support here!

Raven Rave: Jeff Budd

JeffBudd_ElvisJeff Budd loves "a whole bunch of things" about Raven Radio. Listen to his reasons, and then show your support by becoming a member here!

Be the bedrock

IMG_1355Raven Radio exists thanks to volunteer efforts to create a community owned radio station more than 30 years ago. Today, while you might only know Raven Radio from this website, your contribution is still the bedrock of support for the next generation to stand on. The amount isn't important. Your help is. Thank you!

Aurora Saturday night?

latest_goes15The sun is excited, creating a solar storm peaking at earth on Saturday, September 13th. With Sitka's forecast for partly cloudy skies, we may see a great aurora borealis! Share the news and take a minute to support Raven Radio! Thank you!

Stardust is coming!

Dusty45sRaven Radio's Stardust Ball is Saturday, October 25th featuring Seattle dance band the Dusty 45s. Tickets are $35 and go on sale for "mug level" members of Raven Radio at 9am on Wednesday, October 15th at Raven Radio. All remaining tickets will go on sale at 10am on Thursday, October 16th at Old Harbor Books. Now is the time to renew or upgrade your membership and help support the station and events like this. Pledge now!

Raven Rave: Greta Mart

Greta_bikeGreta Mart loves Raven Radio. Listen to her testimonial, then show your support during our fall drive by donating here!

“It’s all in a day’s work.”

Why does Kayla Boettcher support Raven Radio? "Where else can you hear local news, national news, world news, a smattering of world music, the best in blues, and some classic rock? And it's all in a day's work."

It's not rocket science. It's community radio, and the formula couldn't be simpler.younowusPlease be part of the solution.

Pretty in white!

IMG_0814This pretty dog is named "Pretty" and she was very happy to help paint the back porch of the Cable House this summer. It takes everybody to pitch to keep Raven Radio going. It takes you. You don't necessarily need to pick up a paint brush (or paint nose!) It will make YOU happy to click here right now! Thank you!

Join me as a member of Raven Radio!

2014042695102225Thank you! Our spring drive was a success but with fewer new members than usual. That’s OK! You can invest in your community station right now with a contribution of any size! Join the family of friends, neighbors and puppies that keep Raven Radio flying strong!