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Raven Rave: Columbus Wichman

Columbus loves Raven Radio so much that he donates his time as an on-air host and he supports the station financially. You too can help support this station by pledging your financial support now at Help us reach our Fall Drive goal of $63,000!

Raven Rave: Ira Glass

Ira Glass - Stuart Mullenberg (2)"KCAW is one of the public radio stations that is closest to my heart." Ira Glass urges you to examine what kind of listener you are, and asks you to join our community endeavor, by pitching in here.

Raven Rave: Cindy Edwards

140325_CindyEdwardsRaven Radio is asking you to join Cindy Edwards, and all your friends and neighbors in supporting our community station. Show the love here!

Former board members unite!

Slide244How many former Raven Radio board members are in this 80's photo*? Friday afternoon from 2-4pm on October 3rd, during our Fall On Air Fund Drive we are inviting all former Raven Radio board members to come by the station for a appreciative pat on the back, some refreshments and a quick on-air "hello". Please contact me at 747-5977 to let me know you'll be stopping by! And don't forget make your pledge now! -General Manager Ken Fate * Check Facebook to see how many of these folks we can identify!

Radio Rave: Ted Howard & Julie Schmitts

Goofyt&j.1What's your favorite show on Raven Radio? Ted's Trail Mix? Kitty's Hometown Brew? Stan's Straight No Chaser? Jasmine's Transglobal Music Express? Or maybe the Mt. Edgecumbe High School Radio Club? Leave your favorite show in the comments! And whatever your favorite, it wouldn't be on the air without YOUR support! Thank you!

Raven Rave: Taylor White

140825_TaylorWhiteListen to Taylor White's testimonial about why she loves Raven Radio, and then join her in supporting community radio here.!

Raven Rave: Tracy Gagnon

140825_TracyGagnonTracy Gagnon is a self-described "public radio addict" since discovering Raven Radio. She shares what the station means to her. What does it mean to you? Show your support here.

Raven Rave: Joe Danon

140825_JoeDanon_smJoe Danon is one of those real people who takes pride in his community radio station. Join him by contributing during our fall drive here.


mooseLike this moose in the woods,  many website users (well, most actually) freeze in their tracks hoping not to be seen during our fund drives. No need for camouflage though, we only ask you to consider a membership level that is comfortable for you. Please contribute right now...we'd love to see more of you! Thanks to Richard Nelson of for the photo. You can see more here!

A little help from our friends


We all need a little help sometimes, whether you’re a giant glass lizard ambling to your new library digs, or a community radio station reminding website users that news of Sitka and surrounds can’t come free forever. Everyone needs to more