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Hanley’s departure comes at critical time for Mt. Edgecumbe

16564482581_9fed0191f8_zCommissioner Mike Hanley’s departure comes at a critical time for Mt. Edgecumbe High School, the state run boarding school in Sitka.

Schools serve breakfast, feed brains

IMG_5371It’s often called the most important meal of the day but sometimes kids don’t get the chance to eat breakfast before heading to class. Sitka School District wanted to change that this year and started offering breakfast for all students.

Bumps likely in the long road to a new Tongass plan?

Sec. Vilsack's direction to produce a plan that is "ecologically, environmentally, and economically sustainable" is a significant challenge, as managers reckon with a forest that is huge, but also fragile. (Flickr photo, Joseph)The Forest Service is planning to shift its focus from old-growth to young-growth timber harvests in the Tongass National Forest. The transition to young growth got its start early in the Obama administration, and there could be at least three more presidents before it becomes a full reality.

Sitka School Board rallies behind Mt. Edgecumbe (again)

The Sitka School Board Tuesday night (2-2-16) directed the superintendent to draft a letter in opposition to a proposal from the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program to take over Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Sitka.

Sitka man sentenced to 40 years for sexual assault

A Sitka man has been sentenced to over 40 years in prison for sexual assault.

Schools to Task Force: ‘We don’t have any more fluff’

IMG_3600On Monday night (02-01-16), the Citizens' Task Force heard from the Sitka School District, which is beginning their budget process this month.

Task force chair opens two-hospital conversation

photojoinerThe old question of ‘Can Sitka afford two hospitals?’ became new again, as the Citizens’ Task Force heard a budget report from Sitka Community Hospital yesterday In his remarks, hospital CEO -- and task force chair -- Rob Allen raised the question of how the hospital could work more efficiently with its neighbor across the bridge.

Marijuana laws missing key language

Alaska's marijuana statutes are missing language that enables the FBI to perform national background checks. (Photo by Enrique Mendez Governor Byron Mallott signed the state marijuana regulations into law last month (01-22-16) and the state will begin accepting license applications on February 24th. But there’s a wrench in the works: the original bill fails to properly authorize background checks.

Sitka park targeted by graffiti vandals

The graffiti cleans easily off the new directional signs (left), but wooden surfaces will have to wait for warmer, dryer weather before they can be repainted. (SNHP photos)Within the past week, nearly every flat surface in Sitka National Historical Park has been marked with one or more graffiti tags.

Sitka fugitive goes ‘underground’ to elude capture

Sitka police lieutenant Lance Ewers and landlord Marcel
Prato examine a tunnel system that Jeremy Beebe had excavated under
his home in the Vitskari Trailer Court. (Daily Sitka Sentinel
photo/James Poulson)A fugitive from justice in Sitka was arrested Wednesday evening (1-27-16), after police located him hiding in a tunnel system he had dug under a trailer park.