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Relay runs its way to $14,000

Carrie Spackman leads a group of cancer survivors and their caregivers around the bases at last weekend's Relay For Life event (Photo KCAW/Katherine Rose).Last weekend was Relay for Life, an annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Despite the misting rains, about 30 Sitkans came together to walk the track around Moller Field and share stories of survival.

In a flash, Girl Scouts resolve HPR crosswalk issue

Girl Scout Troop 4140 poses for Sentinel photographer James Poulson on Peterson Street. ack row from left to right: Retha Winger, Stan Filler Sr. Sitka CHARR,  John Weitkamp Sitka Rotary Club, Giant Stuffed Duck,, Loyd Platson chair of Police and Fire Commission, Doug Osborne Sitka Community Hospital.
Middle row: Zheng Arce, McDonalds restaurant,  Autumn Dinsmore, Sitka Police Chief Sheldon Schmitt, Margaret Peterson, Amy Bergman Oceanside Therapy Center.
 Front row: Sharon Bergman Sitka Rotary Club, Rianna Bergman, and chiropractor  Besty Decker. (KCAW photo Robert Woolsey)After years of government inertia, the Girls Scouts of Troop 4140 in Sitka have spearheaded the installation of flashing crosswalk signs along some of the busiest state road in town.

Dance group reflects cross-border cultural resurgence

Wayne Carlick, left, and others drum as more than 30 people take the stage during Celebration 2016. The Atlin, British Columbia, group included relates from Juneau. (Photo by Ed Schoenfeld/CoastAlaska News)Southeast Alaska’s Tlingit culture doesn’t stop at the Canadian border. An Inland Tlingit group from up the Taku River has strong connections to Alaska.

After seven years at sea, avalanche experts stop in Sitka

Jill Fredston, author and avalanche expert, stands aboard her boat docked in Eliason Harbor.You may be surprised to learn that Jill Fredston doesn’t row everywhere. Fredston and her husband Doug Fesler arrived recently in Sitka aboard their yellow cruiser, the Compañera with a pair of rowing shells lashed on deck.

Assembly: “The city can’t afford to get into the welfare business.”

6286669386_50339e779e_zThe Sitka Assembly voted down an ordinance last night (6-14-16) to subsidize the utility bills of low income Sitkans. Bill sponsor Tristan Guevin said he’d still like to city do more to help those most in need.

Sitkans hold vigil for Orlando shooting victims

IMG_7711A crowd of nearly 100 Sitkans gathered in Totem Square last night (06-13-16), to honor the 49 victims of Sunday's (06-12-16) shooting at Pulse, an Orlando nightclub. The group gathered beneath a blue sky in a big circle and, holding strips of orange paper, took turns reading the forty nine name aloud.

Bear spray an effective deterrent, with practice!

Stopping a charging bear can be like stopping "a freight train." Forest Service instructors recommend stepping aside as you spray. (Flickr photo/Marshmallow)So far, there have been two bear attacks in Southeast and summer is just getting started. KCAW’s Brielle Schaeffer decided to try her hand at using bear spray and has this story.

Family restores salmon habitat, one tree at a time

01230e3c-0364-4874-aeda-f40e18fc4a99Heavy equipment is rumbling across Kruzof Island near Sitka again, but this time the big rigs are not removing trees -- instead, they’re putting them back.

Vislay’s farewell to Air Station Sitka: ‘Battle complacency’

Relieved Air Station Commander Mark Vislay walks past one of the helicopters he's flown during his two years in Sitka. Vislay is being reassigned as a staff officer of the Coast Guard Commandant. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)Commander Mark Vislay handed over the stick at Air Station Sitka to Commander William Lewin, in a ceremony this morning (Friday 6-10-16). Vislay praised his unit and urged them to "battle complacency."

Bailey: Building trust, connections through music

Bailey believes strongly in outreach. "Our mission is to have music everywhere," he says. (Zuill Bailey photo)Performing solo for the Sitka Chamber of Commerce, Cellist Zuill Bailey is a musical force of nature. He believes in the importance of the arts in Alaska, and he makes his case on a 17th-century instrument.