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Mt. Edgecumbe gets new superintendent

3d48f65Mt. Edgecumbe High School will have a new superintendent. Janelle Vanasse of Bethel has been named superintendent and director of the state-run boarding school in Sitka. Vanasse will replace Bill Hutton, who retires on June 30, 2016.

Herring schools can’t be found as spawning continues

IMG_3985Despite a whole day searching, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game was unable to locate a large enough concentration of herring to open fishing yesterday (03-24-16).

Large opener nets small returns for Sitka herring fisherman

thirdopening_160323The Sac Roe Herring Fishery had two openings Wednesday (03-23-16), one across Krestof Sound and northern Sitka Sound and another in Salisbury Sound. Between both openings, preliminary hails from processors put the total harvest at 1,800 tons. That leaves approximately 4,970 left on the table.

Sitka basketball players rescue 11 from Anchorage fire

Sitka basketball players helped 11 occupants of this Anchorage six-plex escape the blaze. (Andy Lee photo)Quick thinking by the Sitka boys basketball team averted tragedy this morning (Wed 3-23-16). The boys and their coach woke and rescued 11 occupants of an Anchorage six-plex before firefighters arrived.

Assembly considers fines for using cell while driving

7594066846_ec05235689_zAt last night’s meeting (03-22-16), the Sitka Assembly debated a local ordinance to ban cellphone use while driving. Under this new ordinance, operating a cell phone at the wheel would be a finable offense.

Fishery opens across northern Sitka Sound

IMG_6234The Alaska Department of Fish & Game announced the herring fishery would open today at 1:30 p.m. across a broad range: northern Sitka Sound, Krestof Sound, Nakwasina Passage, and Katlian Bay. 6,170 tons remain on this year’s quota and spawning is increasing rapidly.

Herring spawn continues, as seiners look for suitable stock

Herring spawn is clearly visible from the air in Krestof Sound on Monday (3-21-16). (KCAW photo/Emily Kwong)The Alaska Department of Fish and Game mapped an additional 4 miles of herring spawn during its morning survey today (3-22-16), bringing the total now to nearly 7 miles.

Grand Bargain would affect grocery bill, property taxes

IMG_3846After six months of scrutinizing Sitka’s budget, the Citizens’ Task Force is ready to reveal their plan. They call it “The Grand Bargain.” Here's a glimpse of the bargain’s major line items, some of which are still a source of disagreement among the task force.

Native ceremony calls fish back

IMG_6209While commercial fishermen were on the water anxiously awaiting the next herring opening in Sitka, some residents gathered on land for a traditional Tlingit ceremony. The Blessing of Herring Rock happens every year to get the fish to come back to the Sound to spawn.

Herring fleet fishes Krestof; half of quota taken

IMG_3952Over the weekend, seiners landed over 5,000 tons of herring on the second opening of the Sitka Sound Sac Roe Herring fishery.