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Silver Bay Seafoods to pay $75k environmental fine

Sitka-based fish processor Silver Bay Seafoods has agreed to pay a $75,000 penalty for improperly discharging fish waste in the Valdez harbor.

Garden classes bring produce aisle home

Michelle Putz shows Rebecca Kubacki how to harvest lettuce. (KCAW photo/ Vanessa Walker)The high cost of food may be affecting the way residents of Sitka eat. A study published last year found that 75 percent of Sitkans eat less than 5 fruits and vegetables per day--only a fraction of the recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sitka grapples with $300k cut to jail budget

Sitka Police Officer Noah Shepard serves coffee to inmates in Sitka's jail, while supervisor Dave Nelson looks on. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)As the Sitka Assembly grappled with its budget this spring, the city got one more piece of tough news -- the state would cut $300,000 in funding for Sitka’s jail.

Landless Natives bill gets first hearing in Congress

U.S. Rep. Don Young poses in his office with Sealaska board member Richard Rinehart, left, and landless spokesman Leo Barlow, right. Barlow and Reinhart were lobbying this week for Young’s landless Natives legislation. (Photo courtest Don Young’s office.)Haines, Petersburg, Wrangell, Ketchikan and Tenakee were left out of 1971’s Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, which gave land, money and corporate status to many other communities. The new bill tries to change that.

Deadlock at salmon commission leaves Southeast fishermen waiting

A troller in Sitka's ANB Harbor. The annual troll closure starts at midnight on Saturday. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)With less than two weeks to go before the traditional start of the summer king salmon trolling season, fishermen in Southeast don’t yet know how many kings they’ll be allowed to catch.

Historical society needs volunteers for big move

A porcelain doll that dates back to 1959. It's currently housed  in Sitka Historical Society's archives.If you’ve ever been to a museum and longed to move beyond the glass and handle historical artifacts, your chance has arrived.

Sitka’s state parks to close without ‘creative’ management

Sunset from Halibut Point State Recreation Area in Sitka. This park -- like others in Sitka -- will transfer into private management on July 1.In Sitka, the state Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation is preparing to close Castle Hill, Halibut Point Recreation Area, and the Old Sitka boat launch on July 1 if no other entity can be found to run them.

While campers study, parents savor the art of Mexican cooking

Fernando Pizzaro teaches a traditional Mexican cooking class at the Sitka Fine Arts Camp. (KCAW photo/ Vanessa Walker)The Sitka Fine Arts Camp is taking adult education in a slightly new direction. For years, the camp has offered summer sessions for students and put together adult programs on the side.

Cameras to remedy observer problems in Alaska?

The EM cameras on the Magia, Steven Rhoads' 55-foot longliner, are mounted on an outrigger boom. "I would pay to have electronic monitoring every day, rather than be selected to carry a human observer," Rhoads told the council. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)Smaller boats in Alaska’s offshore fisheries may no longer have to carry human observers in the future, if a NPFMC plan to deploy cameras proves feasible.

Sitka man found dead in Thomsen Harbor

A 52-year-old Sitka man was found dead in Thomsen Harbor Monday morning (6-8-15).