The CorvidEYE

Beach, sky, *sigh*

A minus-1 foot tide Wednesday morning (5-11-16) proves that Sandy Beach really is sandy. (KCAW photo/Chris Todd)Some very low tides and very blue skies produced excellent beachcombing conditions in Sitka Wednesday (5-11-16). Sitka experienced only 8 days without rain since April 1.

Slayers crowned state roller derby champs

13094320_1338341586180955_5443757339578815174_nThe Sitka Sound Slayers were triumphant at the "United We Roll" State Tournament in Wasilla last weekend (4/22/16 - 4/23/16).

Sixbey strums a homemade guitar

IMG_7192Mark Sixbey is a Tsimshian woodcarver who grew up in Metlakatla and now lives and teaches in Sitka. He brought a homemade guitar to the KCAW studios today (4-29-16).

Come and get your roe!

IMG_6499The F/V Lady Louise handed out 5000 lbs. of freshly harvested roe to Sitkans today (03-29-16). The giveaway was sponsored by the Southeast Herring Conservation Alliance, with donations from the sac roe herring fleet.

A tiny fishing fleet

IMG_4022As the fleet awaited word for an opening this morning, a smaller fishery was in action this afternoon (03-22-16). Staff at the Sitka Pioneer Home brought a dozen residents to jig for herring in ANB Harbor.

Kids thank fishermen at “Fish to Schools” lunch

IMG_5543Sitka Conservation Society held its annual "We Love Our Fishermen Lunch" at Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School today (2-17-16) to thank the commercial fishermen who donate salmon and other seafood to provide school lunch to students in Sitka.

With shelves built, it’s time for books

Library Brooke Schafer begins unpacking reference books. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)The newly renovated Sitka Public Library received its first truckload of books this morning (01-08-15). Librarians and volunteers began to stock the shelves.

In winter dark, be bright at night

IMG_0658Whether traveling by bike or on foot, is Sitka Community Hospital is encouraging Sitkans to make themselves visible. "Be Bright at Night" is a safety project led by SCH, the Sitka Police Department and the Police and Fire Commission.

One Russian is here!

IMG_4150Though the 68 Russian performers are still in Moscow, awaiting visas, one Russian did step off the plane today (10-17-15). Russian Deputy Consul General Khalit Aisin will be in Sitka all this weekend to partake in the Alaska Day festivities.

Birthday Boat

IMG_4040Stephen Rhoads had a big surprise on his 40th birthday this week when he found his boat was decked out with hearts, banners and balloons in Eliason Harbor.