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Sitka Sound Science Center opens renovated doors

The Sitka Sound Science Center celebrated the newly renovated Sage Building on Saturday morning. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)Sitka's Alaska Day celebrations got underway early Saturday morning (10-18-14) with a ribbon cutting at the Sitka Sound Science Center to celebrate the renovation of the center's Sage Building. The building has a new roof, new windows, and a newly repaired exterior -- the glass for the front doors arrived late Friday night, just in time to open them to the public on Saturday morning.

Let there be light

While it's not exactly Scorsese, it is history. Sitka municipal administrator Mark Gorman made a short video Thursday (10-2-14) as engineers spin up the #5 turbine in the new Blue Lake Powerhouse. For a brief time, #5 was contributing electricity to the Sitka grid. Ultimately, the three turbines will generate a combined 18 megawatts for the system -- by sometime in November, if all goes well.

Termination dust, in verse

Clarence Kramer Peak reflected in Beaver Lake. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)More so than any particular date on the calendar, natural events mark the seasons in Southeast Alaska. The arrival of herring in the spring, the first hummingbirds, the salmon run, flocks of Canada geese and swans headed south, and finally this lovely sugar-coating of snow called "termination dust."

Dancing for two decades

The Naa Kahidi dancers celebrated their 20th anniversary on Saturday (photo by Anne Brice)The Naa Kahidi Dancers performed at the Sheet'ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi on Saturday to celebrate the group's 20th anniversary. The Naa Kahidi Dancers were founded in 1994 by Chuck Miller, who began dancing when he was three years old, in the Sitka Native Education Program. "When I dance, when I put on my regalia, it feels like my ancestors are running through my veins," he said.

Bridge under troubled waters

The Indian River around 5 PM Saturday (9-6-14). Park staff closed the trail shortly after this picture was taken. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)Ordinarily a quiet, clear stream, Sitka's Indian River became a frothy mocha after an all-day downpour dumped almost 3-and-a-half inches of rain in 12 hours. The river crested its banks around mid-day, putting one bridge in the Sitka National Historical Park completely under water.

Made it!

Sixth graders board Bus B after their first day at Blatchley Middle School. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)Sixth graders board Bus B after making it through their first day at Blatchley Middle School. Today (Wednesday, 8-27-14) was the first day of school for most Sitka students. At Blatchley, it was dedicated to incoming sixth-graders. Seventh- and eighth-graders will start school on Thursday.

Keeping up with mama

A sow and her twin cubs scout a creek bed near Sitka for pink salmon. (Hugh Bevan photo)Sitka trailcam photographer Hugh Bevan caught another striking image at a place not far from Sitka he calls "Scary Creek": a sow and her two cubs taking an evening stroll toward the beach to dine on spawning pink salmon. Bevan's cam, one of several he maintains around Sitka, snapped this picture at 6 PM on August 7, 2014, about 10 miles south of town.

Young voters

Maggie Gallin brought her son, Theo, to the polls on Tuesday, to vote in Alaska's primary election (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)August 19th is primary day in Alaska, and several hard-fought races will come to a head. But in Sitka's Harrigan Centennial Hall, the election came down to this: neighbors chatting, ballots marked with blue ink, kids introduced to the polls for the first time. At not yet six weeks old, Theo Gallin (pictured with his mother, Maggie) took the prize for perhaps the youngest Sitkan to make it into a voting booth today.

Trail crew

Cassidy Foster, 8, and Skylar Walk, 11, of Kodiak and Charlotte, NC, supplement the masonry on the upper Herring Cove trail. (Bill Foster photo)Repair work to the Herring Cove Trail performed by USFS crews this spring and summer held up well during last weekend's (Aug 9-11, 2014) deluge. The unseasonably wet storm dumped nearly six inches of rain, sending torrents of water down the falls alongside the trail. And thanks to the efforts of spontaneous volunteer workers like Cassidy Foster and Skyler Walk, the rebuilt trail is a little more scenic than the old. The pair lined a short section of trail with a beautiful stone curb.

Good Neighbors!

Dirk and Trish White have owned Harry Race Pharmacy for over two decades.(KCAW photo/Greta Mart)Trish and Dirk White of Harry Race Pharmacy recently returned from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where they picked up a coveted accolade: the 2014 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Award.