The CorvidEYE

Herring high

Herring are caught on the water, obviously, but they're spotted from the air. In addition to the 48 seine boats and dozen or more tenders, the Sitka Sac Roe fishery is notable for the number of aircraft that participate. This footage was shot by spotter Kevin Knox during the 2014 season opener on March 20, above Starrigavan Bay, looking north into Katlian Bay.

Herring child

Eric and Erin Matthes brought their son, Ever, to join dozens of Sitkans watching the opening of the sac roe herring season on Thursday (3-20-14). Ever is a true "herring baby," said his parents. Born during herring season, he'll turn three on Friday. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)Eric and Erin Matthes brought their son, Ever, to join the dozens of Sitkans who lined Halibut Point Road to watch the opening of the sac roe herring season on Thursday. Ever is a true "herring baby," said his parents. Born during herring season, he'll turn three on Friday.

Rock the Mock

SHS_Mock_fea.jpgThe Sitka High Mock Trial team took second-place in the statewide Mock Trial competition in Anchorage last weekend, falling to giant West Anchorage High. Coach Howard Wayne says his team -- which has three foreign exchange students -- won verdicts in nearly every trial.

Arts and crafts

20140302_WearableArts_Waldholz_1Participants in Sitka's sixth annual Wearable Arts show flaunted their homemade haute couture before a sold-out crowd at Harrigan Centennial Hall on Saturday night. Local artists made outfits out of plastic bags, old jeans, and rubber tubing -- plus one set of chain-mail armor constructed from more than 4,000 soda can pull-tabs. Click through to see the full slideshow.

Free light show; look up

The northern lights in Sitka. (KCAW photo/by Rebecca Laguire)Did you catch the show last night? In case you missed it, or couldn't escape the city lights, here's a glimpse of the Northern Lights captured by KCAW's Rebecca LaGuire. Rumor has it that an equally, if not more, brilliant display will take place this evening. It's worth trekking off the beaten path - more fodder for bragging to family and friends in the lower 48!

Make the dragon fly

The Mayo family performs a traditional dragon dance for Chinese New Year. (KCAW photo/Emily Forman)What does it take to bring a Chinese New Year celebration to Sitka? A trip to Beijing to learn Tai Chi and fall in love with Summer. Or, at least that was Michael Mayo's route. Michael and Summer met in Beijing in 2001. Summer has been a Sitka resident for the past four years, and is now a member of the Mayo family. She says she typically travels home to Beijing for the Chinese New Year, but this year she wanted to share the tradition with the community that she has grown to love.

Fire and ice

Swan Lake skatingIt was a weekend of freezing temperatures, but sunny skies, and the weather brought crowds out to Swan Lake, where the Fire Department reported the ice was three to five inches thick.

Walk the taco

Pacific High School students Tatyanna Isaacs and Jenny Jeter mail proceeds from an Indian taco fundraiser to the Friends of Edna Adan University Hospital in Somaliland. (PHS photo)It's one thing to study an international crisis in high school, and another thing to do something about it. Pacific High School students Tatyanna Isaacs and Jenny Jeter learned about high rates of maternal mortality in Somaliland in Hillary Seeland's Global Issues class. The pair independently organized and held an Indian Taco sale last fall (that's taco fixings served on classic Southeast Alaskan fry bread) and raised over $500.

Poetry in motion, five days a week

Sentinel_250Our colleague Dan Olbrych made this short film about the press run at The Daily Sitka Sentinel, a family-owned newspaper celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. While the film has a nostalgic vibe, we're pretty sure that -- like fresh-baked bread or well-crafted construction -- this kind of dedicated, thoughtful newspapering will never go out of style.


Kyle_Vidad_250In what was one of the most tightly-contested spelling bees in recent memory, 27 grade-level finalists at Blatchley Middle School in Sitka spelled their way to word no. 208 on the official Scripps National Spelling Bee list Wednesday night (1-15-14). In the end it boiled down to eighth-grader Kyle Vidad and defending champion Abigail Fitzgibbon. The two went head-to-head for eight rounds, until Fitzgibbon tripped on "matriculation" and Vidad successfully spelled "smithereens" to win the round, and then "aerodynamic" to win the championship. Test a friend on these words Abby and Kyle spelled with nearly one-hundred fans looking on: