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Salmon dip

Tom Wallo dip netting at Redoubt Falls over the weekend. Wallo and his partners netted 11 red salmon on Saturday during a day of subsistence fishing.

Sitkan Tom Wallo dipnets at Redoubt Falls over the weekend. Wallo and his partners netted 11 sockeye salmon on Saturday during a day of subsistence fishing. The bag limit was increased this year to 25 fish per day. The Department of Fish and Game plans to hold a rare commercial opening for Redoubt Sockeye later this month. more



The high school session of the Sitka Fine Arts Camp culminates this weekend with final performances in the visual and performing arts. Listen to camp instructors Scott Davis and Andrew Hames discuss this year’s final performances on KCAW’s Morning Interview. Performance times are 7 PM Thu Jul 11 at the Odess Theater, 7 PM Fri and Sat, Jul 12 and 13, at the Sitka Performing Arts Center. Visual Arts will be on display throughout campus Sat Jul 13 from 1-4 PM. more



Members of the Sitka Fire Department and US Coast Guard battle it out during the Fourth of July water fight. Members from each group competed to push a red, white and blue keg down the street using water from fire … more

Candy and balloons, rain or shine

Jesse Notkong

Jesse Notkong made cotton candy at Baranof playground during a rainy July 3rd afternoon. Food and game booths were set up for Sitka’s Independence Day celebration. For more information about the 4th of July celebration visit theĀ Sitka Chamber of more

Middle school move-in

sfac middle school open fea

Middle school campers register for sessions inside Allen Memorial Hall at the Sitka Fine Arts Camp on Sunday. Middle school camp goes for two weeks, followed by high school camp, and then musical theater camp. more

Keep left


A pickup truck from contractor QAP (Quality Asphalt Paving) leads motorists through a work zone along Sawmill Creek Road on Friday afternoon. The road is closed periodically for blasting as the state works to widen it. more

Little cat feet?

Blue skies bring more than sunshine and light breezes to Sitka. Morning fog is common as the air warms up slightly. Last Sunday morning (6-9-13) photographer Owen Kindig saw a cloud bank roiling over Kruzof Island, and set up his camera near Eliason Harbor to capture this time lapse video. We think poet Carl Sandburg may have come up with a different metaphor if he had seen Sitka fog roll in: We get the little feet, and the rest of the cat too! more

Net losses, net gains


Seiner Troy Newark mends his net in preparation for the upcoming salmon season. Seiners, trollers, and gillnetters are already taking turns in Sitka Sound in various pre-season hatchery openings. The main event for most salmon fishermen happens in July and beyond. Seiners will land millions of pink salmon — aka “humpies” — by summer’s end. more

Bear necessity


Sitka resident and outdoorsman Hugh Bevan captured this image of a large brownie enjoying one of the delights of spring — a hearty back-scratching — with a remote trailcam. This bear was photographed in an area about 10 miles north of Sitka on April 22. It is one of four large bears the trailcam snapped over a 5-week period, suggesting an unusual density of males. Bevan retrieved this camera on May 28 “because I was getting jumpy about going in there to check it.” more

Winners. W-I-N-N-E-R-S. Winners.


Jeff Budd and Don Muller took first place at the fifth annual Adult Spelling Bee with the word “cygnet.” The event was held at the Kettleson Memorial Library on June 2, 2013. more