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A Fraying Promise: Exploring Race And Inequality In Havana

One of the revolution's core promises was an egalitarian society. But as Cuba opens up, one of the unintended consequences may be more inequality.

WWII Veterans Return 'Good Luck Flags' To Japanese

Tom Banse reports on the effort to return the flags taken as war souvenirs from Pacific battlefields during World War II.

Noah Baumbach On Middle Age And 'While We're Young'

In the writer-director's new film, Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts' characters befriend a younger, free-spirited couple.

Will Saturday's Election Change Anything In Nigeria?

The opposition party has enough support to win in national elections, but would the president allow for a peaceful handover of power?

Tornado Hits Oklahoma On Anniversary Of Historic 1948 Forecast

A tornado hit the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma 67 years ago, but there were no fatalities because it had been predicted.

What We Know – And Don't Yet Know – About The Germanwings Crash

More details are emerging about crash that killed 150 people. Authorities say the co-pilot brought the flight down intentionally.

The U.S. Dollar Is Strong. But That's Not Necessarily A Good Thing.

When the worth of that George Washington goes up, it also typically means lower exports and, especially, low inflation.

Key West Honors Its Other Famous Writer

Most people think of Ernest Hemingway when they think of famous Key West writers, but Tennessee Williams lived there much longer.

Southern Indiana County Experiencing HIV Outbreak

Health officials say the outbreak stems from the use of shared needles to inject the narcotic pain reliever Opana.

Census: Florida Nets Biggest Population Gains

Six of the fastest-growing cities between July 1, 2013, and July 1, 2014, were in the Sunshine State, including The Villages.