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Hip Hop Community Responds To Ferguson

Lauryn Hill's song "Black Rage" is one of several released in response to the shooting and protests in Ferguson.

L.A. Considers Cash Prizes To Combat Dismal Voter Turnout

The city's ethics commission has supported a plan to use a random drawing to reward people who come to the ballot box.

Travel Restrictions Tightened Amid Ebola Fears

Countries continue to impose travel restrictions, even though the World Health Organization has not recommended them.

Aspiring Opera Singer Mines For 'Bering Sea Gold'

In the annals of scary jobs, Emily Riedel's must be near the top. The 26-year-old is captain of a boat looking for gold at the bottom of an icy Alaska sea.

New Restrictions On Hydrocodone To Take Effect

Hundreds of medicines contain hydrocodone, the addictive painkiller that has grown into the most widely prescribed drug in the U.S.

From Steel To Beer: Revitalizing Pennsylvania

People are hoping that one of America’s oldest industries can help revitalize some of the state’s post-industrial downtowns.

Supporters Of Haiti's Former President Try To Block His Arrest

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who returned to Haiti in 2011 after years of exile, is accused of corruption and drug trafficking.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Live From The Bell House

At our very first New York live show, we talk about the things we loved this summer and the things we're looking forward to in the fall. And, of course, we get to what's making us happy this week.

Emotional Distress A Worry As Kids Go Back To School In Ferguson

One elementary school is less than a mile away from the protest zone where there have been nightly clashes with police. So for some kids, the first day of school might be more stressful than usual.

BREAKING: British Burn Washington ... 2 Centuries Ago

Two hundred years ago this week, invading British troops destroyed the White House and the U.S. Capitol. NPR wasn't there, but if we were, our coverage might have sounded something like this ...