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The Carpet Weaver Of Shiraz

A carpet weaver in the ancient city of Shiraz continues her family tradition, but doesn't earn enough to support her large family. Will the easing of economic sanctions on Iran make a difference?

In Trump's German Ancestral Village, The Locals Are Not Impressed

"Ich bin ein Kallstadter," Donald Trump likes to say. But many of the villagers are more proud of other famous American descendants with links to Kallstadt: the Heinz family, of ketchup fame.

Spain's Playground For The Wealthy Becomes Corruption Scandal Epicenter

The Spanish island of Mallorca, a popular resort destination known as the "jewel of the Mediterranean," is in the spotlight now as Princess Cristina, the king's sister, goes on trial for fraud.

Episode 683: Our Valentines

Regret. Self-loathing. Jealousy. Happy Valentine's Day! We bring you little stories that we love so much, we wish we had thought of them ourselves.

Remembering Ballet Great Violette Verdy

We revisit our 2011 conversation with the acclaimed French ballerina, who died on Monday at the age of 82.

The Poetry That Led To A Death Sentence In Saudi Arabia

After international outcry, the sentence for Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh was reduced to prison time and lashes.

It's Clowns Vs. 'Soldiers Of Odin' In Finland

While an anti-migrant group called Soldiers of Odin patrols the streets, a parody group called Loldiers of Odin is responding.

Former Basketball Star Jay Williams Chases A New Dream

Two months after finishing his first season in the NBA, Williams nearly died in a motorcycle crash. He talks about what's happened since.

How Negative Interest Rates Work

Negative interest rates are in place in Sweden and Japan. Even Fed Chair Janet Yellen said it's something U.S. policymakers have considered.

Missouri Chocolate Maker Raises Awareness Of Cocoa Farmers' Plight

Shawn Askinosie's chocolate bars feature photographs of farmers who grow the beans that make his chocolate.