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Pop Culture Happy Hour, Small Batch Edition: Audiobooks

We have a conversation with one of our favorite regular-book enthusiasts about the special matter of the audiobook.

Sri Lanka's War Is Long Over, But Reconciliation Remains Elusive

The civil war is now six years in the past, but thousands of Tamil families are still looking for loved ones who disappeared during the conflict.

Smart Meters: An Experiment In Power Grid Innovation

In Fort Collins, Colorado, customers can now see their energy use in 15-minute increments, instead of just once per month.

How Historic Was Last Week? A Historian Puts It In Context.

President Obama won huge victories in the Supreme Court, and South Carolina officials called for the removal of the Confederate flag.

High Stakes Financial News: From Greece To China

There are a number of dramatic economic stories in the news today. We look at what's happening in Greece, China and Puerto Rico.

First Known Plane Hijacking Was A Flight To Freedom

Nearly 60 years ago, a forced laborer in a Hungarian brick factory hatched a far-fetched plan to escape.

Supreme Court Upholds Use Of Execution Drug

The case was brought by a group of Oklahoma inmates who argue the use of the drug amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

What Happens If Workers Become Obsolete?

The rapid rise in technology and machines has some experts predicting that workers could become obsolete.

SpaceX Rocket Explodes Minutes After Takeoff

John Logsdon, former director of the Space Policy Institute, discusses the explosion and the future of private sector space missions.

Paul Thurmond Explains His Change Of Heart On The Confederate Flag

The state senator is now among those calling for the flag to be removed from near the South Carolina State House.