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Women Find A Fertility Test Isn't As Reliable As They'd Like

It's hard to predict how quickly a woman's fertility will decline and if she'll be a good candidate for egg freezing. But doctors try to figure that out with something called an ovarian reserve test.

Good Gourd! What's With All The Weird-Looking Squash?

Cinderella pumpkins just don't cut it for fall decor anymore. Squash and gourds come in all sorts of colors and sizes — and as far as consumers are concerned, the stranger, the better.

For Those With A Preference For Prefaces, This Is Your Puzzle

For each six-letter word given this week, add two letters at the start to complete a common eight-letter word. The answer never involves adding a regular prefix like RE- or UN-.

For D.C. Second-Graders, It's All About The Bikes

To the three Rs, the schools in the nation's capital have added a fourth: Riding. Bicycles, that is.

As Circles Of Grief Grow Wider In South LA, The Supports Grow Stronger

On the streets of South Los Angeles, where gang shootings have surged, losing a child can be a mother's greatest fear. Now, some mothers whose kids have been killed are trying to make a difference.

'Re-Imagining Sondheim': A Pianist And His Peers Deconstruct The Master

Seated at the piano in NPR's studios, Anthony de Mare explains why he commissioned composers from the classical, jazz and Broadway worlds to interpret some of Sondheim's finest songs.

All Songs +1: Mark Ronson On Making Something Old New Again

On this week's +1 Podcast, we talk with producer, DJ and musician Mark Ronson about the allure of vintage sounds, and why he chose to build his career around making the old sound new again.

Restored Instruments From Concentrations Camps Give Rise To 'Violins Of Hope'

Once owned by the inmates of Nazi concentration camps, the violins are now part of a three-month exhibit in Cleveland.

Hurricane Joaquin May Miss U.S. But Multiple Weather Systems Pose Concerns

Bryan Norcross says even if Joaquin doesn't make landfall, three weather systems affecting the area could cause problems.

Fishing For Gold After Viral Video Fame

The video of a Boston-area man's incredulous and expletive-laden discovery of a sunfish has gone viral. What happens now?