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Ghosts Of The Past Still Echo In Beirut's Fragmented Neighborhoods

Lebanon's civil war ended 25 years ago, but the sectarian divisions that sliced its capital into different enclaves still hold today. Everyone co-exists relatively peacefully — most of the time.

Episode 572: Jewelers, Futurists And Whistleblowers

Today on the show: Stories about the secrets of jewelry stores, the problem with World's Fairs and a law signed by Abraham Lincoln that's being used today to go after the largest banks in the world.

This Music Has No Borders: Scots-Irish Music In Appalachia

A new book and companion CD follow the immigration and music of Scots-Irish who came to Appalachia in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Kansas City Beats Oakland In 12 Innings

The 9-8 win in 12 innings sends the Royals to the American League Divisional Series, the first time in decades.

Senate Tracker: Retired Catholic Priest Challenges Incumbent

In Wyoming, incumbent Republican Senator Mike Enzi is running for a fourth term.

Auto Sales Strong For Most Of The Year

New numbers out show that auto sales overall have been robust this year. CNN's Maggie Lake on what the numbers mean for the auto industry.

Why There Is A Crisis In Business Education

While MBA program admissions are on the rise, some experts say that an MBA degree is not as important as it was decades ago.

Detentions In Mainland China As Hong Kong Protests Grow

Taiwan has thrown its support behind Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement.

Could There Be More Travelers With Ebola?

How could travel effect the spread of the Ebola virus?

'Tail!Spin!' Finds Humor In String Of Political Infidelities

'Tail!Spin!' -- a play that chronicles the lives of politicians whose personal infidelities ruined their careers -- debuts today off Broadway.