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Hunter: A youthful ‘elder statesman’ seeks mayor’s chair

In a three-way field, Hunter polled 1025 votes, well above his competitors Mary Magnuson, 641, and Ben Miyasato, 358. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey) At 34, Matt Hunter has served four years so far in local government -- one as deputy mayor. He says he's got the experience -- and the patience -- to move to the mayor's chair.

Yuck! Despite odor (and color) Sitka’s temporary water is safe

Sitka environmental superintendent Mark Buggins looks over the temporary filtration  plant at the Indian River. Buggins says August is "not the best time" to drink from the Indian River, but "it is what it is." (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)Sitka’s tap water smells bad at times, and it turns yellow at others -- but it’s safe to drink. And it’s also temporary. In about 40 days, the community should be back on its primary water source at Blue Lake. Sitka’s environmental superintendent, in the meantime, has been assuring residents that they are not imagining things. Sitka’s water has a stronger odor than usual -- but it's safe.

Sitkans asked to conserve water, power during hydro changeover

After 53 years of continuous service, the turbines at Sitka’s Blue Lake Hydro plant are quiet. Walt Dangel, one of the original powerhouse operators at Blue Lake, threw the switches turning off the plant in a small decommissioning ceremony Monday morning (8-18-14). Dangel was assisted by Frank Rogers, Sitka’s senior plant operator. The two old turbines produce a combined 6 megawatts of power. They’re being replaced by three new turbines that will produce 16 megawatts.

Blue Lake dam now 75% done

City Engineer Dean Orbison told the Chamber of Commerce that the city will have to rely on Indian River for drinking water in September and October, while the Blue Lake project is completed. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)City officials updated the Chamber of Commerce on the Blue Lake hydro project this week. Engineer Dean Orbison reminded the Chamber that Sitka has continued to rely on Blue Lake for drinking water through the construction. But for about two months this fall, the city will have to switch to Indian River.

Fri Dec 12, 2013

Governor Parnell's proposed budget includes no money for Southeast hydro projects. Budget includes several million dollars for Sitka infrastructure, but more for transportation projects elsewhere. City officials disappointed the budget includes no money for Sitka's Blue Lake dam. Next year's Stikine king salmon return expected to improve, but not enough for a commercial fishery.

Blue Lake Hydro: Nothing small in Sitka’s biggest project

Blue_Lake_powerhouse_250Tunneling work for Sitka’s Blue Lake hydro expansion project is just about wrapped up, and construction crews are pouring concrete for the new powerhouse. Dean Orbison, project manager for the Sitka Electric Department, updated the Sitka Chamber of Commerce this week (9-4-13) on the progress of the city’s largest-ever public works undertaking.

Another good dam documentary!

Sitka’s Blue Lake hydro expansion project has gotten a public relations makeover from a local filmmaker. Hannah Guggenheim recently released a four-and-a-half minute documentary about the project called “Energy Independence for our Future.” The film is narrated by former city administrator John Stein. Reserve a seat on the next public tour on May 19.