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Sitka celebrates Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

IMG_4570Sitka marked Elizabeth Peratrovich day Tuesday (2-16-16) with a parade and then performances at the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall.

Discovery Week: Marching alongside the spirit of Elizabeth Peratrovich

01-IMG_6934Elizabeth Peratrovich attended Sheldon Jackson School as a teenager in Sitka and on Monday (2-16-15)-- not far from campus -- a parade marched from Crescent Harbor Shelter to ANB Hall in her honor. As part of Discover Your Potential Week at Blatchley Middle School, students in the radio class interviewed marchers at the starting line.

What does civil rights mean to 21st century kids?

09-_DSC8605Almost 50 Years after Martin Luther King led the march from Selma to Montgomery, that resulted in the passage of the Voting Rights Act, the landscape of civil rights has changed. There are new faces tackling modern issues in the city of Sitka.

Brenda Campen: The fight for civil rights in Alaska

Brenda Campen talks about the effort to end legal discrimination against Alaska Natives, a story told in the 2009 film "For the Rights of All." Campen wrote the film's viewers' guide, which has just been released.