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With retirements, City Hall faces a generational shift

Project Manger Dean Orbison addressed the crowd at the Blue Lake hydro project dedication. It was his last day on the job, before retiring. (Emily Kwong, KCAW)Sitka’s City Hall is in the midst of a generational shift, with a spate of retirements among longtime staff. Those who have retired in April and May alone had racked up 93 years of city service between them.

No change in muni elex results after absentee counting

You can please some of the people some of the time.... Municipal clerk Colleen Ingman holds up a ballot on which a voter has written "Don't like any of these." Absentee counting did not change the outcome of Tuesday's (10-7-14) election. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)Mim McConnell solidified her lead in the mayor’s race -- but other than that there were no changes in the outcome of Sitka’s municipal elections following the counting of absentee ballots Friday afternoon (10-10-14).

Have an idea for improving the community? SpeakUp Sitka!

Municipal clerk Colleen Ingman, and her deputy, Sara Peterson, discuss their new online initiative for community idea-sharing, SpeakUp Sitka! available on the city's website.