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Drumming and dance for V-Day

(Photo courtesy of onebillionrising.org)

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and Sitkans Against Family Violence, or SAFV, is inviting people to a drum performance on Thursday. It’s part of V-Day, a worldwide call-to-action to stop violence against women and girls. more

Personal boundaries: Learning the importance of ‘no’

kids playing

From a young age, kids learn how to stay safe. They memorize their phone numbers, learn about stranger danger, and wear helmets when they ride their bikes. But some of the things they learn are more subtle, like to trust their intuition. more

Young & impressionable: The effect of domestic violence on children

cutout hand 2

Children’s brains are like sponges. They soak up languages and absorb impressions of the world. But this also means their minds retain bad experiences, like domestic violence. more