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Archaeologist: Herring once far more abundant, widespread

Herring caught during the 2014 Sitka Sound sac roe fishery. A recent study suggests that managers should take a longer view when managing fisheries like this one. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)

A recent study suggests that current herring populations in Southeast Alaska and British Columbia may be just a remnant of what once existed. Archaeologist Madonna Moss has studied sites in and around Southeast Alaska for decades. She says that evidence indicates that herring were once far more widespread than they are today. And, she says, fishery managers should look to the past when making decisions about the present. more

A biologist’s view of herring season

ADF&G biologist Dave Gordon disembarks from a float plane after an aerial survey of Sitka Sound, headed for the state research vessel, the Kestrel. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)

Sitka’s commercial herring season ended on Saturday, after fishermen caught over 17,000 tons of herring in just nine days. As it does every year, the fishery brought a fleet of seiners to town, and drew residents to the waterfront to watch the high speed derby unfold in front of them. And at the center of all this action is a team of biologists, whose job is to strike a balance between protecting the resource, and providing access for fishermen. more

Learning about herring, inside and out

Sixth graders Abby Saiz and Cora Dow dissect their specimen during Knowledge of Herring Camp, on March 21. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)

This year, the Sitka Tribe, Sitka School District and Sitka National Historical Park launched what they hope become a new March tradition: herring camp. During spring break, about fifteen students, in 5th grade through high school, participated in a week of research into herring biology and ecology, along the way learning a little something about what goes on inside this iconic spring fish. more

Herring Update: Third opening lasts one hour, ten minutes

The seiner Infinite Grace pursing up during the third opening in the Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery, on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)

The Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery had its third opening today (Wed 3-26-14), concentrated in the waters just south of downtown. The opening lasted one hour and ten minutes, starting at 2:30 p.m. and closing at 3:40 p.m. more

Herring Update: Fishing at 2:30PM in Eastern Channel

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game released this map, showing where fishing is allowed in today's herring opening. (Map courtesy of ADF&G)

There will be herring fishing today near the south end of Sitka’s road system, ADF&G has announced. Fish & Game biologist Dave Gordon said the fishery will aim to harvest about 3,000 tons. more

Herring fishing possible today; no opening called yet

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game said in their 11 a.m. update that a significant volume of herring has moved into the closure area, a stretch of water near town that is out of bounds to the commercial fishery, to protect subsistence use. Fish & Game biologist Dave Gordon said he wasn’t discounting the possibility of a fishery south of town, where large schools of fish were found yesterday, but he wanted to give it more time “to find a body of fish that might provide a better fishery for everybody.” more

Herring harvest now at 10,300 tons

After a productive opening on Sunday afternoon (3-23-14), the Sitka sac roe herring fleet is over halfway towards it harvest goal. Fishermen landed an estimate 5,000 tons in beginning at 1:30 Sunday afternoon, just 300 tons less than the harvest in last Thursday’s season opener — and a little more than the Department of Game was aiming for. The total now stands at 10,300 tons — with 6,300 tons left to go. No fishing is likely for the next two days. more

Second herring opening today in Starrigavan, Katlian bays

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game released this map, showing the boundaries of Thurday's herring season opener. Sunday's second opening will be within the same boundaries. Fishing was restricted to Starrigavan and Katlian bays, north of Sitka. (Map courtesy ADF&G)

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game has announced that there will be a second opening in the Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery, around 1:30 p.m. today (Sun 3-23-14). Sunday’s fishery will take place within the same boundaries as Thursday’s season opener, in Starrigavan and Katlian bays. more

No herring fishing today; second opening possible Sunday

A seiner crosses beneath O'Connell Bridge during a day off in the 2014 Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)

The Department of Fish and Game announced at 11 a.m. (Sat 3-22-14) that there will be no fishing today in the Sitka Sound herring fishery, as processors continue to work through Thursday’s catch. Boats will head out tomorrow morning to do test fishing between Crow Island and Inner Point. If a fishery does occur on Sunday it will likely be smaller in size than Thursday’s 5,500 ton catch, said Fish & Game biologist Dave Gordon.

Herring child

Eric and Erin Matthes brought their son, Ever, to join dozens of Sitkans watching the opening of the sac roe herring season on Thursday (3-20-14). Ever is a true "herring baby," said his parents. Born during herring season, he'll turn three on Friday. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)

Eric and Erin Matthes brought their son, Ever, to join the dozens of Sitkans who lined Halibut Point Road to watch the opening of the sac roe herring season on Thursday. Ever is a true “herring baby,” said his parents. Born during herring season, he’ll turn three on Friday. more