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Task force and city come to terms over budget deficit

6798839928_3f2c90297a_zAt the Citizens' Task Force meeting on Monday (02-29-16), the sobering uncertainties of the FY17 budget dominated the conversation. And it was there that the task force began to push back against city staff on what Sitka’s financial strategy should be.

City hopes to rewrite Sitka’s debt collection rules


At the request of City Staff, the Assembly wants to revamp Sitka’s credit and debt collection policies (Photo by Brennan Clark)

On Tuesday night (02-23-16), the the Assembly waded into a discussion about Sitka’s credit and collection policies, or lack … more

City questions rules for utility billing

IMG_3678During last night’s (02-09-16) meeting, the Sitka Assembly was notified of a snowballing issue in the city finance department: utility bills. Specifically, power disconnections when bills are past due.

Citizens’ Task Force searches for answers, consensus

The expanded Sitka Public Library will open on February 1. Critics of government spending continue to point to major capital projects such as the library and the Performing Arts Center as being beyond Sitka's means to maintain. (KCAW photo/Bill Foster)Sitka is looking to its residents for answers about how to best raise revenues and decrease spending. With their first report duein 3 weeks, the Citizens’ Task Force has some way to go before reaching consensus.

Citizens’ Task Force balances revenues, spending, growth

Citizens' Task Force chair Rob Allen, and Sitka chief administrative officer Jay Sweeney, outline the role of the CTF, and put the group's challenges into context. They describe Sitka as one of the most comprehensively-governed communities in Alaska. Downloadable audio.

Without new transformer, massive blackout on horizon

IMG_5074Deferred maintenance, particularly at the Marine Street Substation, has prompted the department the city to fast track a solution. Electric Department Director Bryan Bertacchi has a plan, but it will take the money and the political will of the Assembly to pull it off.

Reduced summer ferry schedule concerns Assembly

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.08.37 PMBeyond wrapping up the municipal election, the Assembly’s meeting on Tuesday (10-13-15) night was light on local business. There was however, plenty to discuss about the state - from reduced ferry service to funding prospects.

Sitka’s disaster response bills approach half-million mark

Sitka has spent almost a half-million dollars since August on emergency cleanup, and is counting on having most of that reimbursed by the state.

Sitka assembly says no to non-profit sales taxes

A proposal to tax some fundraising activities of Sitka’s non-profits was voted down by the assembly Tuesday night (8-11-15). But the city will be looking for ways to shore up compliance for non-profits who should be paying taxes -- but don’t.

Sitka Budget: City says utility rates must rise

This chart compares current monthly utility costs with two proposals before the Sitka Assembly. Option 1 reflects Ordinance 15-23, which would raise electric rates for an average Sitka household by about 6% this year. Option 2 reflects Ordinance 15-17, which would raise electric rates by about 23%. Both options include a 10% increase in water rates, a 4.9% increase in wastewater rates, and a 13% increase in solid waste rates. (Rachel Waldholz/KCAW)It's not just electric rates - Sitka is also proposing increases in water, sewer and garbage rates. KCAW's Rachel Waldholz is tracking the city budget. She sat down with News Director Robert Woolsey to break down the numbers.