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Alaska’s eight starts inspire Wearable Arts

099-IMG_4900-500x333Jeff Budd and Sarah Lawrie with the Greater Sitka Arts Council (GSAC) talk about the 8th Annual Wearable Arts Show, alongside frequent artist/model Bill Foster. The show features 28 different art pieces and about a third of the artists are new this year. Downloadable audio.

Springtime brings ArtiGras show and tell

20140302_WearableArts_Waldholz_1Greater Sitka Arts Council's Sarah Lawrie and Jeff Budd outline the schedule for the 9th annual ArtiGras Festival, with events from March 18th - April 2nd in Sitka.

Wearable Art 2016: Artists needed!

20140302_WearableArts_Waldholz_1Jeff Budd and Michelle Kennedy with the Greater Sitka Arts Council are soliciting artists to perform at this year's Alaska Airlines Wearable Arts Show, March 26, in Sitka. The deadline to sign up is Monday February 29. For more information, visit the Sitka Arts Council online. Downloadable audio.

Monthly Grind Enters 21st Season

Founder and Producer Jeff Budd, at the 2008 Maritime Grind.  Photo courtesy of Katie SpielbergerThe Sitka Monthly Grind is entering its 21st year of bringing local talent to Sitkans. Founders and producers, Jeff Budd and Ted Howard, reminisced about their favorite acts and gave a sneak-peak into the year's lineup. The first monthly grind of the season is Saturday, October 10th, 6:30 at the Sheet'ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi. Tickets are available at Old Harbor Books. Downloadable audio.

Lund steers Paris of the Pacific in a new direction

Paris-of-the-Pacific-81Jeff Budd of the Greater Sitka Arts Council was joined by cast members Seaton Bryan and Marcia Drake to talk about the upcoming production of Paris of the Pacific, a locally written melodrama about the 1867 transfer of Alaska. Downloadable audio.

Seven Seas, Clean Seas: Wearable Art 2015

099-IMG_4900At the 7th Annual Wearable Arts Show this past Saturday (3-7-15), sixty models walked the runway. Some donned their own design, while others modeled on behalf of artists and designers unseen. 76-year-old Bill Foster did a disco covered in political brochures, while 7-month-old Noah Apathy was covered in K-cups to recreate the scales of a carp.

Ocean-themed garments for Wearable Arts Runway Show

arti gras 01Jeff Budd and Sawrie with the Great Sitka Arts Council talk about plans for the 7th Annual Wearable Arts Runway Show & Extravaganza. The theme is Seven Seas, Clean Seas. They were joined by model and artist Cynthia Bustos, who is making her dress out of six layers of dryer sheets. Downloadable audio.

Medley of performances at Sitkans Can Dance on Saturday night

Jeff Budd of the Greater Sitka Arts Council (GSAC) joined teen dancers Kaya Duguay and Naquoia Bautista to talk about Sitkans Can Dance, a competition of both couples and soloists in various dance styles.

GSAC: “Here the weather is lovely, as long as you wear a hat”

A host of "Alaska Day" performances are coming up. Jeff Budd shares the line-up for tomorrow's Monthly Grind, while Ira Snelling discusses Paris of the Pacific, a period melodrama about the 1867 Alaska Purchase. Sarah Lawrie, the director of the Greater Sitka Arts Council, talks about this year's Sitka Artisans Market & Holiday Craft Party. Dates and details here.

New director at Greater Sitka Arts Council

Greater Sitka Arts Council's Jeff Budd introduces incoming executive director Sarah Lawrie.