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Sitka’s 2015: The year we met our better selves

No matter how bad it gets, Sitkans will always show up for this party: Alaska Day 2015. (KCAW photo/Emily Kwong)In spite of everything, 2015 will be remembered as a good year in Sitka. It’s the year that the community’s faith, grit, and forward-thinking principles were put to the test. It's the year we met our better selves.

The real Sitka journey of Steinbeck’s ‘Doc Ricketts’

Much like his literary namesake in the Steinbeck novel "Cannery Row," the real Ed Ricketts had broad intellect and was passionate about intertidal marine biology.A new collection of essays about one of the most iconic figures in American literature has been published, shedding new light on his connections to Alaska -- and to "Star Wars."

Alaska’s top crime novelist hangs up his real-life gumshoes

John Straley, in his office at the Sitka Public Defender. With up to 50 cases in play at any given time, Straley says the work "can be rewarding, but also heartbreaking." (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)One of Alaska’s most well-known writers is quitting his day job. John Straley has published nine novels, a book of poetry, and numerous essays. He's also been a criminal defense investigator for 31 years.


Santa says he's outgrown his "youthful indiscretions." He's banned nudity at the North Pole. Nevertheless, he says "Mrs. Claus is going to kill me." (Flickr photo/wanderingnome)A network security breach at the North Pole has left Santa exposed -- literally. Retaliatory action against a certain Asian dictator is not planned at this time. "There is not enough coal on planet Earth," said the Jolly Old Elf. With the chief of Santa's IT Security, #blinky@blinky, and KCAW's Robert Woolsey. Downloadable audio.

KCAW News, Sentinel win at annual Press Club Awards

AK_PRESS_logo14Breaking news, features -- or just a few laughs. KCAW News won top honors in the 2014 Alaska Press Club Awards. Robert Woolsey, John and Finn Straley, and Rachel Waldholz brought home four 1st-place awards and one 2nd-place, including two "All Media" awards.

Straley’s ‘Cold Storage’ a universe of fishermen, intellectuals, roustabouts

Cold-Storage-100 Alaskan mystery writer John Straley’s latest novel hits bookstore shelves today (Tue 2-4-14).Cold Storage, Alaska is Straley’s eighth novel, and his first since 2008’s The Big Both Ways. But Straley says he actually wrote “Cold Storage” before his last novel, and had put it in a drawer.

Straley’s ‘Cold Storage’ finds humor, mystery in small-town Alaska

Sitka-based crime novelist John Straley shares insights into his latest work Cold Storage, Alaska, which will hit bookstores on February 4. Learn more about the novel on Straley's Facebook page. Straley will sign copies in Sitka on Tue Feb 4 at Old Harbor Books.

Top elf says Santa IS ‘Gangnam Style’

Dropping by Sitka on a layover en route to Seoul, South Korea, Polar Chief of Staff J. Twinkle Rovington says Santa has traded toy trains and dolls for K-pop. And yes, Virginia, the Moon Base is real! Pull up a chair, light your favorite cigar, and savor the life of the one-percent north of the Arctic Circle.

Trish White & John Straley: On integrity, authenticity, butt rubs

Celebrity guest-hosts John Straley and Trish White explore the characteristics that make Sitka, Southeast, and Alaska great. With KCAW's Robert Woolsey.

Art Conversation to feature Ted Howard and John Straley

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