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Assembly debates how to pay for roads

Sitka has to figure out how to pay for its roads – and soon. That was the message delivered to the Sitka Assembly on Tuesday night. Assembly members discussed a wide range of potential strategies, all aimed at keeping the city from going back to gravel. more

Miss our Town Hall on roads? Listen here!


Did you miss our live Town Hall Meeting, Driving Us Crazy: How to Pay for Pavement in Sitka? You can listen to the program in its entirety here. Municipal administrator Mark Gorman, public works director Michael Harmon, and a panel of special guests including Hugh Bevan, Max Rule, Gerry Hope, and Sen. Bert Stedman discuss ideas for tackling the millions of dollars in repairs needed for Sitka’s city streets. more

Cost overruns add up to a bigger bill for Blue Lake

Sitka’s Blue Lake Dam hydro expansion project will cost about $3.6-million more than expected. The total project — not including new backup diesel generators — was originally estimated to cost about $142-million. It is now up to about $145-million, Utility Director Chris Brewton told the Sitka assembly Tuesday night. Brewton later told KCAW that this is the only major cost overrun the project has seen so far. more

Sitka to rethink how it takes out the trash

The Sitka Assembly on Tuesday night authorized the city to spend up to $250,000 to develop a new solid waste management plan. The vote marks the start of a total reexamination of how Sitka deals with its trash. The study will cover everything from garbage and recycling to composting and bear problems. more

Sitka in 2013: Shaking earth, falling mountain


In Sitka, the earth moved under our feet in January — like everywhere else in Southeast — but one couple in particular will probably be choosing their campsites pretty carefully from now on. 2013 started with an earthquake, and the wild ride never quite ended. An amazing fishing season plus a surge in industrial activity pushed the regional economy to new highs, but not everyone cashed in — especially those affected by federal budget cuts. Here’s a look back at some of the top local news stories of the year. more

Assembly votes to raise moorage fees

The cost of keeping a boat in Sitka’s harbors will likely increase next year, by about 6%. The Sitka Assembly voted to raise moorage fees at its regular meeting on Tuesday night, and the increase is probably the first of many. more

Water main rupture draws attention to Sitka’s backup plan

After a contractor accidentally ruptured Sitka's primary water main, workers rushed to repair it. (Photo courtesy of Jay Sweeney)

When Sitka’s primary water main was ruptured last week, the city had 12 hours of water in storage tanks. The main was repaired before those tanks ran out. But it raised the question: What if it hadn’t been fixed in time? more

Pipe busted? Who you gonna call?


Think about this: If you really need accurate, timely information about a major news event in Sitka, where do you turn? On Friday, September 13, 2013 Sitka’s water main broke in two places under Sawmill Creek Road, drying out much of the town. Over the course of the afternoon, public works director Michael Harmon began posting updates directly to our Facebook page. By day’s end, KCAW’s posts were viewed over 7,000 times. How do YOU make a difference when disaster calls? Please support community broadcasting in Sitka. Contribute now. more