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Seeking re-election, Swanson lets his vote do the talking

IMG_8820Aaron Swanson is running for the re-election to the Assembly. He wants to return to his seat to continue solving the puzzle before the Assembly: how to pay for city government, while managing the cost of living.

Listen: Assembly Candidates Answer Your Questions

Assemblyforum_kwongOn Tuesday, September 20th, the five candidates for Sitka Assembly came into our studio to discuss their ideas and positions in the lead-up to the October 7th election. Two seats are available on the assembly.

Assembly divvies up $45,000 to non-profits

160920_nonprofitawards_kwongThe Sitka Assembly held their first meeting in their new chambers yesterday night (09-19-16), dedicated to non-profit contributions. The Assembly awarded $45,000 from the general fund to eight non-profit organizations.

Kinnear: “I’ve always been a voice for the underdog.”

160914_evykinnear_kwongEvy Kinnear isn’t afraid of a challenge. In 2002, she moved from Los Angeles to co-found Fortress of the Bear. With the business in good hands, Kinnear has set her sights on a new challenge: the local economy. And to do that, she’s seeking one of two open seats this fall at the Assembly table.

Candidate statement: Aaron Swanson

IMG_8820"I have been a member of the Assembly since 2013 and wish to continue as an advocate for the people, often being the voice of reason. Although I do not always speak on some items on the agenda, when I do speak it is to the point and usually worth listening to."

Aaron Bean: Candidate statement

160916_aaronbean_kwong"I'm running for Assembly to represent the people and to act as a conduit to bring their creative, pragmatic, and collaborative solutions to the table."

Pending vote, Sitka Assembly to dedicate one mill to electric fund

160914_marinesubstation_kwongDuring their meeting last night (09-13-16), the Sitka Assembly approved a key element of their plan to raise property taxes while making Sitka more affordable. The ordinance says that if voters approve a 2 mill increase, the revenue generated by one of those mills will go towards Sitka’s electric fund.

Candidate statement: Evy Kinnear

160914_evykinnear_kwong"I focus on the economy, because the beauty of where we live, its charm and its power, are among its assets. For some that is enough, but with shifting demographics and cost of living expenses, this is what is on the table and must be addressed."

Alexander Allison: Candidate statement

Alexander Allison is one of five candidates running for two open seats on the Assembly. The municipal election is Tuesday, October 4, 2016. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)"The fishing fleet has always been the economic lifeblood of this community. Despite levying ever-increasing harbor fees and various fish taxes, not enough has been done to support the fleet."

Kevin Knox: Candidate statement

Kevin Knox is one of five candidates running for two open seats on the Assembly. The municipal election is Tuesday, October 4, 2016. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)"Key to me in representing Sitka on the city assembly is to be responsive and conversant about the issues important to our community. Equity, fiscal and program sustainability will be at the forefront of my mind."