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Slideshow: Derby girls discover ‘internal roar’

150219_DYPDERBY1_woolseyAs part of Discover Your Potential Week at Blatchley Middle School in Sitka, twenty girls joined seventh-grade science teacher Bridgette Whitcomb (aka "The Filthy Oar") and other members of the Sitka Sound Slayers to learn about the sport of flat-track Roller Derby.

Sitka Sound Slayers: A women’s movement on wheels

Slayers L to R: Sarah Ferrency, founding member Jennifer Olney Miller, and league president Cori Schumejda. Derby revived in 2001 as a sport owned and operated by women. (Photos courtesy of Sitka Sound Slayers)The sport of flat track roller derby is booming in Alaska. The Sitka Sound Slayers got rolling two years ago and boast 29 members on their roster. But how did this former spectacle turn into a bonafide sport?

Tues Apr 1, 2014

The Sitka School District goes looking for teachers in Seattle. Roller derby picks up speed across Southeast. And is Juneau healthier than Sitka? Don't make us laugh.

Derby on the mind

NitrojenSitka's new roller derby team revealed its name tonight: Sitka Sound Slayers. One of the team's organizers, Nitrojen, said women of all skill levels are encouraged to check it out -- they'll be practicing for about a year before they start competing in bouts.