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GCI aims at Saturday, Feb. 20th for restored service

GCI-logo-bigger_0GCI hopes to have full phone, internet and cable restored by Saturday, Feb. 20th. GCI reports that customers will not be charged during this time of reduced services. Updates are available at 907-747-3535

Marijuana group still hashing out details

6256905406_28727e1e4e_oThe clock is ticking for Sitka’s Marijuana Advisory Committee. State regulations go into effect February 21 and the group has yet to forward its recommendations to the assembly on what a pot industry might look like on Baranof Island.

Christmas decorations light up Sitka

Mike Romine stands in front of his home on Wachusetts Street. He even provided a low-power FM signal so viewers could listen to holiday music in their vehicles. (KCAW photo/Brielle Schaeffer)Mike Romine is a Sitka man with a love of Christmas lights. His home has become an attraction every December with its huge displays, coordinated to musical hits. But this season, as Sitkans work to recover from a deadly natural disaster, the lights hold a special meaning.

‘Star Wars’ hits Sitka

2000px-Star_Wars_Logo.svgA line snaked out the door at the Coliseum Theater on Thursday night, as people anxiously waited to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the latest in the famous science fiction series.

Sitkans push for PFD voter initiative


Zoe Kitchel canvassing for the PFD voter ballot initiative. (Photo by Emily Kwong)

Sitkans have joined a statewide effort to make it easier for people to cast their ballots at the polls. The push to get Alaska residents registered to … more

Marijuana committee iffy about excise taxes

509362492_c0c2eedc56_zitka’s marijuana advisory committee doesn’t want to impose excise taxes on the now-legal drug - at least, not right now. While no firm recommendations were made at a meeting earlier this week, several members spoke in support of leaving taxes off the table.

LeConte could boost Sitka ferry service

The LeConte docks at Juneau's Auke Bay terminal in 2013. (Ed Schoenfeld/CoastAlaska News)Alaska Marine Highway officials have identified several ways to increase ferry service to Sitka next summer. It’s in response to community concerns about the fast ferry Fairweather being indefinitely tied up.

Alaska Sacred Harp singers convene in Sitka

10-24-15-Sacred-Harp-group-sing-500x296Sacred Harp singing is a traditional American gospel genre from the South. Several dozen Alaskans involved in the style gathered in Sitka last weekend to share songs and work on their technique.

Sitkans detail impacts of 2016 ferry system cuts

The fast ferry Fairweather sails Chatham Strait, between Admiralty and Chichagof islands in 2010. One of its four new engines broke March 7 while sailing Prince William Sound. (Ed Schoenfeld/CoastAlaska News)Sitkans affected by substantial ferry service cuts will voice their concerns during a rally and legislative listening session at noon Friday (10-23-15). Here are some of the impacts they expect.

State cuts could close one Sitka harbor

140708_Crescent_Harbor-KCAW 300x225If budget cuts eliminate a state matching-grant program for marine facilities, Sitka could have to close one of its boat harbors. At least three are scheduled for work over the next 10 years.