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Yakutat Tlingit Tribe awarded CARES Act grant to build energy-efficient housing

The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Friday that the Tribe will receive $900,000 as part of the Indian Community Development Block Grant Imminent Threat program. Congress allocated an additional $100 million to the program this spring as part of the federal coronavirus relief funding package.

With hop-notch beer, new business hopes to revive Sitka’s brewery scene

A global pandemic may not be the best time to open a craft brewery -- or maybe it is? In Sitka, a defunct brewery is once again bubbling with the sounds and smells of malt and barley. New owners hope that a professional brewer will rekindle the town’s thirst for local beer.

Crane snags Douglas Bridge while leaving Juneau port

A tug and barge hauling a crane collided with the underside of Douglas Bridge in Juneau's Gastineau Channel. Authorities say nobody was hurt and no major damage was reported.

Special Coast Guard teams patrol nearby waters

Have you noticed new boats in Sitka's harbors? That's because the Coast Guard has some crews up from the lower-48. Capt. Stephen White is the sector commander for the United States Coast Guard in Juneau. He joins KCAW's Katherine Rose to discuss _______________.

Mind-blowing salmonberry pie

From the KCAW archives, summer 2012: Caitlin Woolsey, daughter of KCAW news director Robert Woolsey, is a self-described berry addict. This is her twist on The Alaska Wild Berry Cookbook's "Salmonberry Cream Pie." A recent dinner guest (from a land with no salmonberries) took one bite and said, "This pie is mind-blowing!"






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