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A remarkable parasite has come to Alaska. And now it must die.

An invasive isopod is on the move in Alaska, having been found now in both Ketchikan and Sitka. But the organism affects only one creature: the blue mud shrimp. Nevertheless, it's still bad news, and scientists want to stop it.

Amid the pandemic, a sweet success for a salty business

With restaurants closed and cruise ship travel on hold, the future of Alaska Pure Sea Salt seemed murky. While local support kept the Michener's business afloat last season, it’s a more unlikely clientele boosting sales this summer

Seacoast Trust endowment created for Indigenous-led initiatives

Salaska and The Nature Conservancy have set aside a combine $17 million in seed money. The Seacoast Trust will help fund projects already underway by the Sustainable Southeast Partnership, a decade-old effort to bring Indigenous-led conservation efforts in communities.

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KCAW Coronavirus Information Hub

KCAW is tracking the latest information regarding vaccination and testing, as well as Alaska's travel mandates. You can also find links to other resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sitka Health Summit sets two new goals for year

Doug Osborne and Johnny Elliot joined KCAW's Meredith Redick to announce the new summit goals- this year the Sitka Health Summit chose creating a sustainable after schools program and end homelessness in Sitka.

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