Sitka's FY2011 State Legislative Priorities List
Listed below are capital projects, in priority order, the city would like to see funded by the state.
– Expansion to maximum capacity of Blue Lake Hydroelectric Project
– City-owned Sitka Community Hospital roof replacement
– Paving failed collector streets
– Purchase and upgrade of Hames Wellness Center
– Ultraviolet disinfection for Sitka municipal drinking water supply
– Takatz Lake hydroelectric feasibility analysis
– Commercial passenger vessel and visitor facilities improvements
– Expansion of Granite Creek rock quarry and biosolids area
– Kettleson Memorial Library upgrade
– Whitcomb Heights subdivision water and sewer trunk lines
– Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport terminal remodel and expansion
– Transmission improvements for hydroelectric energy projects
– Sawmill Cove Industrial Park bulkhead dock
– Sitka Swan Lake recovery and improvements
– Sitka Moller Park baseball field improvements
– Expanded biosolids landfill
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