SITKA, ALASKA Among the party hopefuls attending the state democratic convention in Sitka over the weekend was Diane Benson, who has filed to run for Lt. Governor. Benson was last on the political stage in Alaska in 2006, when she challenged Don Young for his seat in Congress. She tried again in 2008, but lost the primary to Ethan Berkowitz, who is among those seeking the democratic nomination for governor this year. Benson is originally from Sitka but now hails from Chugiak. She’s been active in politics for much of her life, but never held elected office. She recently received critical praise for her portrayal of Alaskan civil rights leader Elizabeth Peratrovich in the PBS documentary “For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska.” KCAW’s Robert Woolsey spoke with Benson about her campaign:
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