SITKA, ALASKA A Sitka Mountain Rescue team is returning to town this afternoon (7-2-10) with four hikers who had been stranded on Mt. Bassie overnight.

The four had been traversing the island on a common route, but became stranded on a 56-degree slope Thursday and could not descend further. They notified Sitka Mountain Rescue of their predicament via marine radio.

Coast Guard Air Station Sitka assisted in the rescue. A Jayhawk helicopter crew on a routine training mission evaluated weather conditions at Mt. Bassie, and then returned to Sitka to load the Sitka Mountain Rescue team. Five team members were taken in two flights to Camp Lake, which is about 10 miles east of Sitka, at the foot of Mt. Bassie. The lake is at an elevation of about fifteen-hundred feet.

The rescuers located the hikers Thursday evening and assisted them down the slope with ropes to Camp Lake. The hikers were in good condition, with a two-day supply of food and radio communication.
This morning, the entire party was reportedly en route from Camp Lake to Green Lake Road, which can take around a half-day. Everyone was expected back in town by 3 PM this afternoon.
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