Stein accused Wilson of neglecting her constituents.

“What distinguished me from Peggy is that I think she has made decisions that neutralize her ability to advocate on our behalf, on Wrangell’s behalf, on Petersburg’s behalf. When you are the chair of the Transportation Committee, you are the chair for the entire state. And that neutralizes your ability to work for a specific district,” he said.

Wilson said she’s the better candidate because of her five terms in the legislature. That includes learning the ropes.

“I have more experience than he does, not only in the Alaska state legislature but in another state legislature. And that really has given me extra oomph, because it gives you extra knowledge. He will not have those relationships when he goes to Juneau. It takes a while to build those relationships and to be able to work with others so you can get done what you want to get done,” she said.

Wilson is a former member of the North Carolina legislature. Stein is a former member of Sitka’s Assembly.

The candidates will face off again Thursday during a district-wide public-radio forum. Tune in from 7 to 8 p.m. to Sitka’s KCAW, Petersburg’s KFSK or Wrangell’s KSTK. You can submit questions to

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