Chief among the city’s priorities is funding for the Blue Lake dam expansion project. Sitka is requesting $28.5 million dollars from the state for that project. The city is also asking the state to provide $5.5 million for an ultraviolet disinfection system for drinking water. That project is required by the federal government.

Also on the list: $7.1 million dollars for emergency diesel generators. The city says it doesn’t have enough diesel generation capacity to meet the city’s demand. Sitkans were made acutely aware of that during three days of rolling blackouts in October, after the city’s main hydro power transmission line was knocked out during a storm.

Here's a list of capital projects, in priority order as outlined by the Assembly on Nov. 30:

Description of project (Amount of state funding requested)
1. Expansion of Blue Lake hydro project ($28.5 million)
2. Ultraviolet disinfection for municipal drinking water ($5.5 million)
3. Bulkhead dock at Sawmill Cove Industrial Park ($6 million)
4. Paving failed collector streets ($2.6 million)
5. Added diesel generation capacity ($7.1 million)
6. New roof at Sitka Community Hospital ($1.1 million)
7. Kettleson Memorial Library upgrade ($750,000)
8. ANB Harbor replacement and work float expansion ($3.9 million)
9. Cross Trail multimodal pathway ($41,000)
10. Commercial passenger vessel tax visitor facilities improvements ($3 million)
11. Whitcomb Heights subdivision water and sewer trunk lines ($3.2 million)
12. Granite Creek quarry expansion ($480,000)
13. Sitka Moller Park baseball field improvements ($2.5 million)
14. Expand CBS biosolids landfill ($400,000)
15. Swan Lake recovery and improvements ($1.7 million)
16. Takatz Lake hydro feasibility analysis ($2 million)
17. Airport terminal upgrades ($1.4 million)

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