Terry Trapp is the CEO of TAB, or True Alaska Bottling. TAB has formed a partnership with S2C Global that they’re calling “Alaska Resource Management” or ARM.

TAB is privately held.

S2C Global is a publicly traded company and reportedly owns 50-percent of ARM.

TAB and S2C Global, working together as Alaska Resource Management, are the businesses investing $100,000 per year for rights to about one-third of the bulk water available for sale in Sitka.

TRUE bottled water remains the most recognizable product from Sitka’s water, but TRUE is now bottled by a company called Cove Partners, LLC, headquartered in Oregon. Cove Partners was brought in to finance True Alaska Bottling, when TAB was primarily a bottler, but management had a falling out: Cove Partners was left with the bottling plant, TAB moved into bulk water.

Sawmill Cove Industrial Park director Garry White says the bottling operation is much smaller than in the past – about six employees. Cove Partners does not have a contract to purchase water; instead, they pay at the regular municipal rate.
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