Wolff was initially hired almost 18 years ago, in April of 1993, to serve as Sitka’s comptroller. He was promoted to Finance Director in November of 2000. The comptroller position that Wolff vacated was never filled, leaving Wolff to work both jobs.

Last fall, one of the first actions of Sitka’s new assembly was to reauthorize funding for the comptroller. Wolff at the time expressed concern about his ability to maintain high standards in the city’s financial system without relief of some kind.

The comptroller position is still open.

Municipal administrator Jim Dinley would not comment on Wolff’s resignation except to say that it was voluntary. “He was not fired,” Dinley says.

Dinley added that the city’s budget has been prepared and presented to the assembly. The first workshop on the general fund is scheduled for April 28th.

Dinley says that the Finance Department is working under a succession plan, and Larry Fitzsimmons will serve as Acting Finance Director until a new hire is made.

Dinley himself is scheduled for evaluation by the assembly at 5:30 Tuesday evening (4-19-11) in the third-floor conference room of City Hall. The meeting is open at the request of Dinley and of municipal attorney Theresa Hillhouse, who will also be evaluated.
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