Baranof Warm Springs is a small community of roughly 50 lots on the eastern side of Baranof Island. One of the land-owners in that community, Dale Young, wants to build a hatchery across the bay from the town site. (KCAW file photo)

Juneau resident Dale Young wants to start a hatchery in the small community which is on the opposite side of Baranof Island from Sitka.

It’s his second attempt at a hatchery permit. He was denied last year because he didn’t have a water-use permit. When he later obtained one, state officials agreed to reconsider his request for the hatchery.

Last year, property owners from Warm Springs opposed Young’s plan. They said the project’s industrial nature would harm the wilderness feel of the community. Some said expanding the stock at the nearby Hidden Falls Hatchery would be a better option.

Young is also a property owner at Warm Springs. He says there are some changes from last year. The entire project is now located across the bay from the town site, rather than in town. And Young says there are economic benefits. The project would provide four full-time jobs, and more during construction. He hopes to begin by rearing about 3 million king and coho.

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