A groundskeeper at Sitka’s golf course will serve jail time for attempting to poison brown bears.

31-year old Kevin Taranoff was sentenced to one month in jail, to pay $1,000 in fines, and to serve two years of probation. Taranoff pleaded guilty in Sitka District Court last Monday (2-24-14) to one count of unlawful methods and means to take game.

The investigation began in October of last year after two dogs died from consuming a toxic substance in the vicinity of Sitka’s Sea Mountain Golf Course.

State Wildlife troopers learned that Taranoff had placed food laced with anti-freeze coolant near the Sea Mountain Restaurant. The poisonous food could have been what killed the two dogs.

Taranoff acted alone without the permission or knowledge of golf course management. Troopers said he had taken matter into his own hands in an attempt to stop the bears from tearing holes in the course.