Sitka police believe they have taken a step toward curbing Sitka’s drug trade.

In a press release on Friday (12-5-14), the department announced the arrest of 36-year-old Pierre Pagtakhan, on suspicion of dealing methamphetamine.

According to Chief Sheldon Schmitt, officers on Thursday intercepted a package with an estimated $50,000 worth of crystal meth. Schmitt said police believe the package was intended for Pagtakhan, though it was not addressed to him. Formal charges are pending.

Schmitt said the case is one of several drug investigations currently underway.

“It seems like things are kind of coming to a head,” he said. “Investigations sometimes can go on for a long time, and [then] there’s something, a catalyst. I think we got a little bit lucky. I mean we’ve been working hard, but we also got a little bit of luck. We intercepted a package yesterday, which kind of set things in motion today.”

Schmitt said he expects more arrests in the days ahead.

Police also announced that 27-year-old Kelly Ray Crowder, Jr., was indicted by a grand jury Friday on two felony counts. Crowder was arrested last week on suspicion of involvement in a recent string of home burglaries.