Sitka police made another drug arrest over the weekend, but it is unrelated to last week’s major seizure of methamphetamine.

Sitka police Lt. Jeff Ankerfelt says the arrest of  29-year-old Lucas Rouner at the International Hostel Sunday morning is unconnected to last week’s seizure of $50,000-worth of methamphetamine. It is also unconnected to a series of 13 burglaries that took place in Sitka in late November. Two suspects are facing charges related to those incidents.

Ankerfelt says police went to the Hostel Sunday morning to arrest 37-year old Janet Joseph for violating conditions of her release on a prior criminal conviction. It was the second visit by police to the Hostel that weekend: Police were summoned Friday night to a disturbance involving Joseph and another woman. It was during Sunday’s arrest of Joseph that police became suspicious regarding Rouner. They obtained a search warrant, and subsequently arrested him for possession of methamphetamine.

Both suspects were scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning.