Rob_Allen_cropFormer Sitka businessman Rob Allen has been offered the job of interim CEO of Sitka Community Hospital.

Allen, who currently lives in Deerfield, Massachusetts, is still considering the offer. He originally applied for the position when it became open last summer, and was the second choice behind Jeff Comer.

He’s since launched a seasonal charter business, so he regards the hospital board’s offer as temporary.

“Well, it’s strictly as an interim. I’m starting a new business this summer. So I’m only available until April. Basically, I’m looking to help out as much as I can during that period.”

Allen was born and raised in Sitka, attended Harvard University, and has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government.

He sold his share in his family business, Allen Marine, several years ago, and has been managing his investments, along with serving on the board of Trustees of Sheldon Jackson College, and on the board of the Sitka Sound Science Center.

Allen also served one full term on the Sitka Assembly in the late 90s.

The hospital board voted 5-1 to offer the interim position to Allen in a special meeting Wednesday (1-7-15).