The 2014 Sitka Love Notes project generated 60+ written and recorded love notes from around the community, all of which were heard on air on Valentine’s Day. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

Inspired by the Stranger’s “I Saw U” column, Raven Radio devised Sitka Love Notes,  a one-day project dedicated to love and love letters. We invited anyone in the community to submit a love note to be read on air. And to our great surprise, many of you did!

Sitka, I implore!
Where are all the men hiding?
Boats, bars, trails, or work?

On Valentine’s Day, Saturday, February 14th, our fearless hosts – Denton Pearson for “At the Hop,” Angie Bowers for “The Root Cellar,” and Andrew Hames “The Happy Hour” – read 35+ secret confessions, played recorded tributes, and even brought back the on-air proposal between co-managers Ken and Rachel Fate.


The Raven Radio studios transmitted messages of love all day on Valentine’s Day. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

Many thanks to all those who participated. See you next Valentine’s Day!

Here were some of our favorites…

To all my music students…. Be sharp. Don’t be flat. Always be natural.
-Ted Howard

To the person who donated 1 pair of homemade pastel pink fleece pants with pink bows on the ankles sized adult large to the White Elephant shop circa Halloween 2010, thank you, and I love them.  They have kept me warm and light-hearted on many kayaking trips and mountaintop adventures. – Anonymous

How lucky are we—to have ended up in the same boat.
You are the kindest and sexiest best friend a guy could ever have—also: best chef in the world.
This (THIS) is the meaning of it all, for as Zelda F. says, “I don’t want to live—I want to love first, and live incidentally.”
Radical teamwork, today and forever!
Completely yours,


Sitka Love Notes: a journey that combines the best of romantic sentiment with the most biting of lovelorn sarcasm. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

To my very precious valentine, Bill, also known as, Sweet William. Thank you for the most wonderful and amazing 51 and 1/2 years. I will cherish you and our love forever. I love you. -Carole

Taylor, you’re better than a sack of kittens. -Love, Greg

To my dearest Chlorine. What we naturally share creates a wonderful bond.  We truly become most beautiful when we are together. Thank you for making me something better. I do love you – Sodium

To the best skipper in the fleet: “I Gotta” say, I’ve been a fool for you since April 1, 1970.
-From your “Back Deck Grandma

Sometimes I dream that we’re singing the Beatles.  Other times, waking times, I wonder if I am dreaming.  Looking up at the aurora together.  Dancing and laughing.  Please don’t wake me.  No don’t shake me.  I’m only sleeping.  Now let’s be serious.  That burp was a 3 at best.  For this and, well, everything else, Dr Rufus prescribes playing fetch.  Tell me another thing.  I like the way you say it.  A poop joke?  Yes, even that.  Especially that.  Remember when I told your parents how I felt about you?  Your face turned bright red.  Remember when you played music at the larkspur?  My face froze agape.  In these moments and this one and this one, yes I know I’m a lucky guy. – Anonymous


Tune in next Valentine’s Day – Sunday, February 14th, 2016 – for more blush-worthy, crush-filled love notes. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

To the people of this community who give so much of themselves in ways that we don’t always notice. 

To the garbage man who must turn his head hundreds of times a day as he positions his truck at each garbage can to lift its contents. To the doctors, nurses, and technicians who are on call in the emergency room so we can enjoy our home lives, recreational outings, and the like. To the veterinarians who are willing to open their clinics for emergency care of our beloved pets.

As you enjoy the savory bites of wild Alaskan salmon or other succulent seafoods, did you ever ponder he or she who might have unloaded fish in the middle of the night at the dock or maybe lost some valuable fishing gear, snapped off by some sea creature.

Or how about the radio station personnel rushing to the controls with the latest emergency weather updates in a severe weather forecast.

Or the men and women who are constantly stocking shelves of our grocery stories with more containers of food at all hours of the night, so we can always enjoy plenty of product.

Or the trimmers, electricians, and others battling high winds to fix downed power lines.

Or moms and dads staying up late to get a costume ready for their children for a school play.

Ever had a toothache so bad it couldn’t wait? What about all the dentists and dental assistants that would be at the clinic in a heart beat to help us.

What about ministers, mechanics, tow truck drivers, police, fire personnel, and computer technicians being there for us in the times we need them the most? Ever lock yourself out of your car or house with no back-up key? Locksmiths can be a god send.

May we all pass it forward in sharing our talents, skills, and resources in helping better a life. For the hundreds I missed, please know. You are treasured. Thank you for your heartfelt gifts to all of us.

-Mary Todd Anderson