Sitka Fire Chief Dave Miller says the device looks like "something you'd see on the television news." (SVFD photo)

Sitka Fire Chief Dave Miller says the device looks like “something you’d see on the television news.” (SVFD photo)

The Sitka Fire Department has taken an apparent explosive device under its protection, until military ordnance experts can investigate.

Sitka Fire Chief Dave Miller says a resident was cleaning out a trailer Wednesday afternoon (2-25-15) when he came across the device, which resembles a small military weapon. The resident thought it best to turn over the device to the Fire Department.

Miller says an engineer saw the resident park his car outside the firehall and start to bring the device inside — but stopped him. They put the device on the ground, photographed it, and sent the images to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team at Ft. Richardson in Anchorage.

EOD officials agreed to fly to Sitka on Monday to inspect the device in person. In the meantime, the device has been secured “out of harm’s way” according to Miller.

Miller says the device is “very impressive-looking.” He believes the EOD team will detonate the device if it proves dangerous, or take it with them if it is not.