The new spring floor at the Hames Center will support (literally) students in the gymnastics and silks programs, taught by Trisha Bessert and Frances Donohoe. (Photo courtesy of Frances Donohoe)

After several weeks of waiting and 100+ hours of man power, the Hames Center opened operation of it’s new spring floor last Thursday (2-19-15).

The floor is 42 feet x 42 feet and took several volunteers the course of a week to install. Each spring was manually drilled into wooden boards, which support the new floor and provide a safe space for students. According to silks instructor, Frances Donohoe, the silks and gymnastics programs will eventually move down to the pool and will feature not only the new floor, but also a trampoline and foam pit. The space above the pool will be a weight area. The new space is expected to be near completion in the summer of 2015.


A gymnastics student works alongside a silks student, placing down one spring at a time to support the new floor. (Photo courtesy of Frances Donohoe)


The floor is the temporary home of the gymnastics and silks programs. It will eventually house exercise and weight equipment, while the programs will move down to the pool area. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)


Jessica Menary practices a foot lock on the brand new floor. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)