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David Kitka, Marika Partridge, and Nina Piper jam in the air room, on the 2nd floor of the Historic Cable House as it has always been. (Photo courtesy of Marika Partridge)

Thirty-three years ago today, March 6, 1982, Raven Radio KCAW signed on as your community radio station. As seen on the sweatshirts around town and the hundreds of mugs populating kitchens around the world, Raven Radio has been adopted into the homes of listeners with an appetite for Southeast news and a ear for lively, dynamic programming. And it all started with a lone voice, cast out in to space in the hope that someone – anyone – was listening.

This is Raven Radio, KCAW in Sitka, partially funded by the community of Sitka as well as the Alaska Broadcasting Commission, signing on the air…

Our unofficial sign on day was February 19, 1982 when Marika Partridge got on the host microphone. Below is an audio artifact from that day.

Downloadable audio.


On Feb. 19, volunteer programmer Cindy Edwards decorated that station for fellow volunteer Grace Brooks, who shares the same birthday as Raven Radio’s first sign-on! (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

Thank you to all our listeners, from Yakutat to Port Alexander, Sitka to Kake, Pelican, Elfin Cove, Tenakee, and Angoon, who keep Raven Radio thriving!


To celebrate, Raven Radio hosted an hour of live music in the downstairs cafe, with performers the Lauren Wild Trio, Zak Dylan Wass, and Belly Meat. (Cheryl Snyder/KCAW photo)