A Sitka grand jury has indicted three men on felony drug charges — one of them with intent to distribute a significant quantity of methamphetamine.

The grand jury last Friday (4-3-15) charged 25-year old Navarre Ventra with one count of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance in the 3rd degree. According to court records, Ventra sold about gram of methamphetamine to police informants on two separate occasions near the end of March.

Officers subsequently obtained a search warrant for Ventra’s Indian River apartment and located a lock box containing 33 plastic baggies of meth — at about a gram each — and $2,125 in cash. Some of the bills were the same ones used by the informants to purchase the drugs from Ventra.

Ventra was on release from an unrelated offense at the time of his arrest. He now remains in custody at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center pending bail. He’s scheduled for arraignment at 11:15 AM Wed Apr 8 in Sitka Superior Court. Possession with intent to distribute is a class B felony.

The Sitka grand jury also indicted 28-year old Gavin Kambak and 33-year-old Ryan Jones on possession of methamphetamine — a class C felony.

According to court records, police were executing a search at a residence in the 1800-block of Edgecumbe Drive on March 29 when they detained Kambak and allegedly observed a set of metal knuckles in his back pocket. Kambak was arrested on a weapons charge; a subsequent search of his person at the Sitka jail turned up just over a gram of methamphetamine.

Jones was arrested after a search of his Monastery Street apartment on March 26 uncovered a significant amount of drug paraphernalia, including empty baggies, syringes, smoking devices, and a playing card which allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine residue. During a subsequent search of his person, officers located a baggie allegedly containing .6 grams of methamphetamine.

Jones was arraigned and scheduled for trial the week of June 8.

Kambak was released after posting a cash bail. His arraignment is scheduled for 11 AM on April 8.

Note: This story was corrected on 4-7-15 to reflect the location of Kambak’s arrest in the 1800-block of Edgecumbe Drive.