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The International Air Rally took to the skies of Alaska this month, with Sitka as their final destination. Five twin Cessna planes are parked on the Sitka runway. Their pilots and traveling partners have been traveling since June 1, 2015 and landed in Ketchikan and Juneau, with a surprise detour to Yakutat.

Bob Thomason, president of the Twin Cessna Flyer Owners Group, was joined by Catherine Tobenas, president of the International Air Rally. The exploratory venture began in Quebec, Canada and the organization has conducted air rallies in different parts of the Western Hemisphere, including the Carribbean islands. This is the first year Tobenas brought the International Air Rally to Sitka.

Thomason and Tobenas were joined by Sitkan Kari Lundgren, who is a member of the Southeast Alaska Aviation Association (SEAKAA). On the agenda for the group is dinner at Dove Island Lodge and a wedding of two of the pilots.