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Ellen Frankenstein, a local media maker and educator, is developing a project called Frankentweet, that uses documentary film to examines personal interaction in the digital age. She was joined by Patrick Sullivan, a Special Project Coordinator.

Frankenstein and Sullivan want to know how technology – from social media to smartphones – is shaping ordinary life and classroom learning. Their unique approach to this project includes “digital interventions” – or “hijinks” – that involve people directly. This summer, they were assisted by intern Julia Rosenheim.

Want to get involved? Frankentweet invites you to fill out this survey.

Today (08-06-15) at 2 p.m. at the Backdoor Cafe, Frankenstein and Sullivan will be staging a new hijink. Expect to log into your Facebook account and to look deeply into a mirror…

For more information about Frankentweet, visit their website or the Frankentweet Facebook page. See videos of other “hijinks” here.

Frankentweet Sample from Artchange, Inc. on Vimeo.