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John-Henry Heckendorn is a political thinker, manager of a communications consulting firm,  and one of the six Sitka Fellows in residence at the Island Institute this summer.

Fresh out of college, John-Henry Heckendorn served as a campaign manager for a state house race. The candidate, Andy Josephson (D-Anchorage) won, and Heckendorn has worked on Alaskan campaigns ever since.

Heckendorn was the 2014 Director for the Alaska Democratic Party and strives to shift Alaska’s place in the national conversation from the land of “reality TV, Sarah Palin style politics” to “a role model for Washington D.C” for post-partisan collaboration. He talks about the relationship between politics and sports and what makes campaigns in the state of Alaska especially unique.

Heckendorn is the principal project manager of the Ship Creek Group, a communications consulting business that develops brands and manages advertising for a variety of clients. Tomorrow (08-13-15), he will be leading a discussion about how voters relate to political advertising at 7 p.m. in Fraser Hall.

The final open studio for the Sitka Fellows will be Saturday, August 22. Time and location TBD.