SitkaSpotlightLogoSitka Fellow, Sarah Gibson has been working on a new series called Sitka Spotlights.

Tune in on Monday mornings after the Writer’s Almanac to hear local residents sharing their art, work, and traditions with KCAW listeners. You can also hear the latest episodes right here!


Episode 1: Mark Sixbey

Mark Sixbey is a Tsimshian woodcarver who grew up in Metlakatla and now works and teaches in Sitka. Mark discusses his take on tradition and the influence of regional Tlingit style and various mentors on his artwork.

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MarkBixbey_by LizZacher

Artist Mark Sixbey (Photo by Liz Zacher)


Carvings by artist, Mark Sixbey (Sarah Gibson/KCAW photo)

Episode 2: Hank Moore


Musician Hank Moore. (Photo from Moore’s Facebook profile)

Hank Moore is a musician, teacher, and cab driver who has lived in Sitka since 1999. Hank talks about what makes a good teacher and a teachable student at any age.

Sitka Spotlights is a series that features local residents sharing their art, work, and traditions with KCAW listeners. Thanks to the Island Institute and the Sitka Fine Arts Camp for making this series possible through the Sitka Fellows Program.

Downloadable audio.

Episode 3: Heather Powell


Heather Powell inherited her grandmother’s dream of reviving Tlingit language in Sitka. Here, she poses with her three daughters, all Tlingit language speakers.

Heather Powell is the director of the Language and Education Department with the Sitka Tribe of Alaska. Heather talks about her love for the Tlingit language and her role in its revitalization.


Episode 4: Mike Nurco

SitkaSpotlight_MikeNurcoMike Nurco is a shipwright who has been living and working on wooden boats since he was eighteen. Mike discusses the beauties and challenges of his craft and its possible death as fishermen switch to newer boats.