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Bryan J. Bertacchi is the new director of the Electrical Department for Sitka. Bertacchi arrived in Sitka last Tuesday (08-11-15) and got to work almost immediately, observing the clean-up of this week’s diesel spill outside the Jarvis Street Power Plant and recovery work at the Kramer Avenue landslide. Bertacchi replaces Chris Brewton, who served as Director for six and a half years. Dale Groener stepped in as interim director.

Most recently, Bertacchi was the President of Radback Energy. He has served leadership positions within large energy companies throughout the country, including Pacific Gas & Electric, but considers the challenges in Sitka no less complex. “All the technical problems are very similar. All the people problems are very similar.”

Bertacchi talks about the potential for hydro-power in Alaska and reflects on Sitka’s response to this week’s landslides. “Over and over [I’ve seen] people responding in the most positive way to the most great adversity–thinking about people’s safety and trying to do the smartest, most rational thing to resolve what’s right in front of them. Sitka should be proud of that.”