Tlingit elders gather for a class photo the final day of week-long Tlingit Language Immersion at Mt. Edgecombe High School. (Sarah Gibson/KCAW photo)

A week-long Tlingit immersion project wrapped up earlier this month in Sitka (08-07-15). About 60 attendees ranging in age from 5 to 50 packed Mt. Edgecumbe High School’s Heritage Hall to learn and play in Tlingit. One activity was a Tlingit spelling bee. KCAW’s Sarah Gibson met the program organizer, Heather Powell, and sent this audio postcard.

Downloadable audio.

This audio postcard was created by Sitka Fellow Sarah Gibson. The Tlingit language immersion workshop was hosted by the Sitka Tribe of Alaska and Sealaska Heritage Institute.


Heather Powell, Director of the Language and Education Department with the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, teams up with six-year old daughter Sophie during Tlingit spelling bee. (Sarah Gibson/KCAW photo)


Two of the 60 language learners at Tlingit Language Immersion participate in Friday’s spelling bee. (Sarah Gibson/KCAW photo)