With the Sitka Historical Museum on hiatus since the closing of Harrigan Centennial Hall, the society will comb through a backlog of uncatalogued artifacts, objects, and photographs. (Photo courtesy of

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Hal Spackman, the director of the Sitka Historical Society, talks about the museum’s upcoming collections audit. Curator Kristy Griffin and fellow will be taking an inventory of the museum’s full collection and entering it into a digital catalog. “We are looking for items that reflect on our mission. which is to celebrate the human history of Sitka and the Pacific Northwest,” said Spackman.

According to Spackman, objects that won’t be moved into the new museum will be put through a deaccession process that will involve the public in finding new homes for those objects.

The museum plans to re-open with Harrigan Centennial Hall in the fall of 2016. The building will include space for both a permanent exhibition and temporary exhibition space, though Spackman said that $900,000 of additional funds must be raised to move the museum into the space.

Sitkans interested in volunteering with the museum can call 747-6455.