Updated 12 p.m., 09-23-15

On Monday (09-22-15), Sean P. Pilutik, age 20, and Daniel B. Rasmussen, age 19, pled guilty in Sitka District Court to molesting or impeding salmon. Pilutik is from Auburn, WA and Rasmussen is from Chimacum, WA. The men were fined $210 each.

Also on Monday (09-22-15), Bryce Phillips, age 22 of Juneau, pled guilty in Sitka District Court to one count each of taking a doe in closed season and unlawful possession and transport. Phillips was fined $1250, placed on probation for one year, had his hunting license revoked for one year, and forfeited the shotgun used to take the dear. Sean Barclay, age 31, pled guilty to one count of unlawful possession. He was fined $500 and placed on probation for one year.

Updated 5 p.m., 09-11-12

Alaska Wildlife Troopers responded to several wildlife violations in Sitka this month.

Last Thursday (09-03-15), James “Mitch” Cowan, age 65, posted an internet advertisement that a big game trophy was available for sale. Cowan was attempting to sell a mounted set of moose antlers. Under Alaska law, big game trophies can not marketed or sold, except through special permission of a court, in the adjudication of an estate or similar legal settlement. Troopers seized the antlers and Cowan was issued a summons to appear in court.

On Saturday (09-15-15), two Washington men were cited for one count of molesting fish. According to the troopers, Sean P. Pilutik, age 20, and Daniel B. Rasmussen, age 19, were “smashing spawning salmon” on Indian River on September 3rd. The men were allegedly harming the fish using rocks in the stream. Under Alaska law, it is illegal to interfere with or molest salmon in any way during spawning. The arraignment for both men is September 22nd in Sitka District Court.

And on Monday (09-17-15), Alaska Wildlife Troopers Sitka Post responded to a report of a gunshot along Granite Creek Road in connection with a deer in the area. According to the Troopers, Bryce B. Phillips, 22 of Juneau, shot a doe out of season near a roadway. Phillips killed the doe prior to the September 15th opening for does and did not have a valid hunting license. Phillips allegedly hid the deer in the home of Sean A. Barclay, age 31, who was charged with unlawful possession after he assisted in cleaning and hanging the deer. Phillips was charged with counts of Taking a Doe in a Closed Season, Unlawful Possession, and Hunting without a License. His firearm and deer were seized. Both men are set to appear for arraignments in Sitka District Court on September 22nd, 2015.