The village of Kake is on Keku Strait, 38 air miles northwest of Petersburg and 95 air miles southwest of Juneau. A local contractor starts soon on a Forest Service project tailored for small, local businesses. Photo by Melati Kaye.

On Election day (10-06-15), Kake voters are deciding if the city should loosen restrictions on where alcohol can be sold. Photo by Melati Kaye.

With the exception of Yakutat, several communities around the region will be casting their own ballots for local leadership.

In Angoon, there three open seats on the city council. Jesse Daniels Sr. is running for Seat E, Richard George and Pauline Jim are running for Seat F, and Randall Gamble and David Merculief are running for Seat G. The city will also decide if they wants to adopt a manager form of government. If voters say yes, that manager will be hired by the council.

In Kake, there is a contest for mayor. Incumbent Henrich Kadake Sr. is squaring off with Christine Bitterman. And on city council, four candidates are running for two open seats. They are Lloyd Davis, Paulette Jackson, Delbert Kadake and Alan “Elk” Hunter. There are two vacant seats on the school board. Isabel Mills and Adam Davis are running for them.

Kake also has a question on the ballot, asking voters if the city should loosen restrictions on where alcohol can be sold. Currently, only the municipally operated package store can sell alcohol. The question before voters is whether or not to change the local option law, allowing municipally operated restaurants, eating places, and beverage dispensaries to also sell alcohol.

In Port Alexander, the race is on for two seats on the nine-member Southeast Island School District board. Lynette Carlson and Shannon Silverthorn are running for the seat at Thorne Bay. Sabrina Adamson, Marjorie Meyer, and Sandra Nessett are running for the “At large” seat, which includes the communities of Hollis and Hyder.

In Pelican, Steve Young and Walt Weller are running for the two open seats on city council. Tracee Harrington and Cheryl Young are running for three open seats on the school board. On the Pelican ballot, voters are also asked if Gerald Foss should be recalled from City Council. The petition to remove Foss accuses him of violating the Open Meetings Act and bullying city officials. Foss denies these accusations.

In Tenakee Springs, there are four open seats on the school board with no one running. For city council, four candidates have put their name in for the four open seats. They are John Wisenbaugh, Don Pegues, Charles King, and Christopher Jackobson. Tenakee also has a question on the ballot, asking voters whether or not to approve the sale of two lots in the town site core for competitive bidding. This is required, since the land is valued over $25,000.

Tune to evening news at 5:18 p.m. for updates. We’ll also have live election results, starting at 8 p.m. from Sitka and around region with KCAW’s Robert Woolsey and Emily Kwong.