This year was a municipal election for Sitka Assembly and School Board and saw relatively low voter turnout. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)

As of 10:30 p.m. today (10-06-15), these are the preliminary results for Sitka’s municipal election.

Assembly (2 seats open for a three-year term

Matt Hunter – 1105
Bob Potrzuski – 984
Orion Hughes-Knowles – 393
John Welsh (official write-in) – 51
Write-ins – 37

School Board (2 seats open of a three-year term)

Eric Van Cise – 813
Kat Richards – 519
Cass Karras Pook – 516
Ed Gray – 387
Jennifer Robinson – 374
Write-ins – 5

An estimated 1,777 ballots were cast, which include 702 ballots at Precinct 1, 702 ballots at Precinct 2, 277 absentee ballots, and 96 question ballots for voters who cast in the incorrect precinct. Absentee and question ballots will be counted on Friday (10-09-15).

Those votes will be deciding factor in the close race for the second school board seat, between Kat Richards and Cass Karras Pook.

Here is a breakout of the votes based on precinct, courtesy of city clerk Sarah Peterson.

Unofficial election results 2015